Instagram and Facebook No longer Support Wordpress Embeds Feature

Facebook eventually no longer have support for embed content on the WordPress site from October 24 onwards.

Wordpress Embeds Feature

A drastic change is had been rolled out by Facebook and Instagram is set to affect the content embedded on most of the WordPress site.

For the specific, this launched API update will no longer have support for unauthorized content embed on WordPress from Facebook and Instagram.

Now from October 24, embed Content only be supported for publishers with the developer Facebook account and also should be registered with the Facebook app.

All the Facebook and Instagram embed content on WordPress site of the unauthorized publishers will soon be broken. This will certainly affect millions of site owners.

But the new requirement of Facebook for embed content is not a viable option for all types of publishers. However, just creating a Facebook developer account by registering in the Facebook app is not a reliable solution for this problem.

So what is the solution for the publishers who want to embeds the content from Facebook and Instagram on their WordPress site?

Let's talk about the things that are changing and How can publishers prepare for it.

oEmbed Endpoint Changes

The previous oEmbed Endpoint for embedded content had already been disapproved on October 24,2020

oEmbed Endpoint designed by Facebook to allow publishers to embed content on web pages.

It allowed the publishers to have basic HTML code and meta tags for several pages and post or any video content in a way to show them on other web pages.

The support for this endpoint is no longer available in Facebook API. In response to Facebook dropping support, WordPress is removing Facebook and Instagram as oEmbed Source.

How does this affect Publishers?

The decision from all these sides Facebook, Instagram, and WordPress will make all the content broken.

If you have the embed content on your WordPress site from Facebook and Instagram then that content is going to be broken for sure.

The new set of rules is obvious to follow by all publishers in order to have solutions.

Requirements :

  • Registration in Facebook App.
  • Facebook Developer account, which you will create at
  • oEmbed product added with the app.
  • Facebook Access token.
  • Live Mode Facebook App.
If you are done with all that required solution for you, then you can get more info on the developer Blog on Facebook.

But we can also use some more realistic solutions that you can implement right away with the use of the WordPress plugin.

Solution with WordPress Plugin.

While releasing the API updates, the developer like Ayesh Karunaratne and others working on the easy solution for all publishers. Here are some solutions.

Smash Balloon Plugins

This Company's plugin is really useful for millions of sites, that's why it's installed on over 1.4 million sites, they offer an easy solution.

The developer updated their plugin to fix the broken embeds of Facebook and Instagram.

Smash Balloon Plugins

With this plugin, all the steps of creating a developer account or registration of the app are not required and are completely eliminated.

Cause the smash balloon plugin already has the API for embedding the content from Facebook and Instagram.No the authentication required for the restoration of the content on the web page.

Smash Baloon Offer fully severed plugins for Facebook and Instagram. As you install the plugin you can simply go to oEmbed navigation and then press the connect button.

oEmbed Plus

This plugin also gives the support to embed content from Facebook and Instagram. This is called oEmbed Plus, developed by Ayesh Karunaratne.

Here is the thing you still have to create the developer account with Facebook and have to register for the Facebook app.

oEmbed Plus

However, you have to follow a process although these plugins make things a lot easier than to do everything on your own.

Note: All plugins mentioned in this article are completely free.

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