Google Has New Crawl Stats Report

Google has a new crawl stats report in Google Search Console. The new google crawl states report offers more in-depth insights about crawling your content by Google.

Crawl Stats Report

New crawl stats report helps developers and SEOs, etc to figure out the problem with the crawling of the content with Googlebot. Google offers analytics up to 90 days of the file that had downloaded by the bot, the file includes CSS, Java, and images.

The graphs show is crawl stats required to understand the pattern of google bot including the crawling. Developers and SEOs can check the indication of signals and understand if everything is right or something is wrong.

Suppose the crawl rate graph suddenly drops significantly it means there is maybe some technical issue or anything could be wrong with the server. If the crawl rate starts dropping in the graph it also means the content is getting thin and the bots are ignoring it.

The Google bot crawling is increasing which signifies that your content is getting better and unique.

New Crawl Request Breakdown

Crawl Stats Report

  • The total request is done by crawl breakdown into four By response, By Filetype, By Purpose, By Googlebot Type.
  • URL examples to indicate where in your site requests occurred.
  • Detailing on host status.
  • Summary of properties with multiple hosts and support for domain properties.

In the Google announcement, Improved updates are Over-time Charts, Grouped Crawl Data, and High Level & Detailed Information on Host Status Issues reports.

Crawl Stats Report
Crawl Stats Report

Crawl Stats Report Improvements

  • Over-time charts show the history of Crawling.
  • All file types and file format on your site.
  • Crawl request details in the example list.
  • Host Status view and errors.

This update really going helps publishers monitoring their content and developer solving technical issues that might come up in the crawlable. Now the crawl stats report will be an essential part of the search console.

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