Is Twitter worth it for Business?

Is Twitter worth it

In a time of social media, every business is willing to provide their time into building relationships over the internet with customers."Is Twitter worth it" 

This question arises many times in the discussion. Twitter approximately has 300 million monthly active users worldwide. When we talk about the top 5 social media, Twitter comes in it but does it really help you promote your business? 

In this blog Content, we are going to discuss whether you should focus on builder your Twitter.

Should You Give More Resources To Twitter?

When we think of Twitter it simply though comes to our mind that it is small content with limited words, can easily read out. Most big brands invest their time and resources to put out the micro-content on Twitter but are very time-consuming. 

Active brands like to keep manpower like social media marketing agency to keep posting hundred of tweets on daily basis, and giving reply to the tweets, retweeting, engaging with the audience to have a constant conversation and answer problem or quires. 

Most small-medium businesses have limited manpower which they can invest in much fruitful platform which drives them leads and revenue.

Twitter Current State

It is true that Twitter plays an important role in business marketing. As in research, they ask business "Which social media platforms do you use to market your business?”

twitter platform to market business
               Twitter emerged as one of the top platforms.

But lately, Twitter faces some major issues and problems. The major one is bots, it is automated software that most people use automatically tweets on Twitter. 

Also can handle and respond to the message, comments of the users that include a particular keyword or phrase. Although some bots can make the work easy or good for the Twitter user base. 

As with increasing bot users it came across that approve there are 48 million bots on Twitter, which is equal to 15% of Twitter’s total userbase.

So how many users Twitter specifically have?

Well, Twitter had a total of 336 million monthly active users.

twitter monthly active users
Twitter monthly active users

Other social media like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are leading as compare to twitter when we see monthly active users. Now imagine if 15% of this user-base are only bots, that is no use for your business. 

These bots are affecting user experiences. Bots can also be used to share misinformation and spam by developers.

Research from Pew Research Center found that bots shared links transferring traffic to websites across a variety of industries.

twitter automated accounts link
Twitter automated accounts

They found “an estimated two-thirds of tweeted links to popular sites are posted by automated accounts – not human beings.

In the MIT studies, they found that humans are more tend to spread fake news and misinformation than bots. Twitter can stop bots from spreading fake news but can't do the same with bots.

In another study from Pew Research Center the "information environment will not be improved by changes designed to reduce the spread of lies and other misinformation online.” So as the misinformation is growing and increase in bots, Your marketing strategies should evolve with patterns in the Twitter platform while taking advantage of strength and keep mind the weaknesses.

Character Limitation for Your Brand Message

Twitter has this limitation of 140-character per tweet, which is tweeter own uniqueness but restriction to many brands out there. Especially brands which deep meaning in their message and brand moto. Since Twitter allows users to expand on their original tweet.

Since there are Twitter statics shows platform show half-billion tweets every day due to this tweeter moves very fast, to make any noise you have to have solid marketing strategies plus you have got to put the budget into promotion and paid advertisement. 

Twitter required volume, consistency with tweets and content, if your marketing team is not having Twitter as a top priority then it is quite hard to notice.

Is Twitter worth it being Priority?

When as a business you invest your time and money into paid marketing, you expect a greater ROI. You might find other social media that can offer great ROI with more organic growth. Warning: there are several social media platforms positioning themselves as Twitter alternatives, they are ad-free and open sources platforms. 

Your business will have a tough situation gaining traction on these media and would reach far fewer users base. You have to find the biggest social media in the space to utilize your work to reach more people which eventually creates a big impact.

Correction of Mistake

Twitter had taken steps that made some brands and users uncomfortable. One of the features that Twitter disabled is editable tweets. Twitter made it a feature for tweets transparent and accountable but for the users and brands, it can negatively affect especially for the brands that want to change the tweets or do correction of mistake without losing the engagement.

For the non-Twitter-savvy brands, Is Twitter worth it, in the case of DiGiorno Pizza, which wanted to take advantage of #WhyIStayed. This hashtag was used to start a discussion about domestic abuse, it was taken as they are encouraging people to stay with an abusive partner. 

The digital "receipts" do not get disappear and a simple mistake can make problems for your brand for years. Twitter on the other hand strongly keeps their policy, instead, they implemented a feature in Feb 2020 this feature allows users to add an extra tweet onto an existing tweet for an explanation.

You reside where Your audience reside

The majority percentage of Twitter are from the USA but that is about 20% of all monthly active users. Other 80% of the users are from other countries, which is certainly big chunks of users from other parts of the world.

Suppose your brand from the USA, you want to capture the audience from the USA only it means your aiming for the customers into diversity.

If you look at the demography for twitter the majority of 63%, these users are in the 35-65 age range, primarily (66%) male, and others with political opinion. All the industries represented on the twitters, all the top ones fall into the category of news and entertainment. 

If your brand does not include in these categories you can explore other platforms.

The overall conclusion is twitter should not only a platform with things like misinformation and scams these all common problems with all social platforms with trolling and commenting, but when it comes to the promotion of brands you should always choose to have within the requirement.

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