YouTube Introduce Clips Feature For Live Stream

YouTube Introduce Clips Feature
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Youtube has now introduced a new clipping feature, an ability to make short clips out of creator live streams or videos. They are testing the feature with small groups of creators.

These shorts clips are going to be from 5 to 60 seconds in total and it will be associated with a new URL.

Clipping is a good feature for the live streamers and comes with YouTube finally. This could prove to be the most significant feature addition in youtube due to the popularity of this feature on twitch.

This feature is going very helpful when creators want some clips from their streams to share with the audience instantly with one click.

Those moments could be a funny dialog, funny blooper and some short stunt in video games, and several others that they want to share. This is going to be a perfect feature for the live streamers to share a moment instead of sharing the whole 2 hours stream.

People can also easily share the short video content on social media, which will greatly help to gain view and popularity on the creator's channel, cause these short video clips are associated with channel URL and prevent viewers to skip from the hour-long stream.

YouTube platform a kinda late for this feature, since others already have one but the due audience base is going to be mainstream. A testing version is being launched with a small group of creators.

Below are things we know about YouTube clips till now

YouTube Clips - Testing Phase.

YouTube begin testing this feature with some creators in order to collect information and feedback to develop this feature further. Short clips can be created from a live stream of the creator and the Video on Demand.

If the audience is watching the content from the channel included in the testing group, the audience will see an icon under video content like the scissors.

YouTube Introduce Clips Feature For Live Stream

As you click on that scissors icon you can select and trim the content to share with other people. Insert the title and click on the "Share Clip" button and youtube will provide you a URL that you can share with anyone.

The creator as well as the audience both can create short clips and will able to share them on social media channels and messaging groups like Whatsapp and telegram also via emails and text.

Right now this feature is limited to certain channels, so if you want to test creating clips with those channels, you can that freely.

When the clips will be created by the users it will get stored in a separate tab which will keep all the user's created clips from the channels. Youtube does not make it clear that what specific channels are part of this testing group, so the audience has to look for the icon under the video on the channels.

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