How To Add Google Analytics 4 With Blogger 2021

How To Add Google Analytics  4 With Blogger 2021

Every publisher out there who uses blogger as a platform for content publishing always required to add some analytics to measure the traffic and statics. There are very advanced tools out there that can a lot of the behavior of the users with the website.

One of the major tools that most creators use is Google Analytics, it is no doubt the best tool provided by Google itself. Here in this piece of content, we will discuss how to add google analytics with Blogger and track the user’s behavior.

Google Analytics also provides real-time users on the blog. Real-time traffic can be tracked where the traffic is coming right on the spot, the real-time data consist of what number of users currently on the website and engagement rate plus the time they spent reading content.

Overall you will have an understanding of the visitors on the blog, unique visitor, bounce rate, or the returning customers. If you running an eCommerce website then there are several eCommerce features also available in Google analytics 4. So to use all features we have to add Google analytics code in blogger.

Below are the steps to follow for installing Google Analytics in Blogger.

  • Navigate to the Google Marketing Platform.

Google Marketing Platform

  • Log in or sign up for Google Analytics.
  • Click on Setup For Free.
  • Enter the Account Name.
Account Name
  • Here You have to enter the name.
  • Press Next.
  • Now in property step up. Enter the Property name.
  • It will ask you about your business information
    • Choose the Business size.
    • Click on Create.
  • You have successfully created the analytics account.
  • Now choose the data streams.
    • Click on Web for the website.
Google Analytics Account  Create Stream
  • As you click on the Website, the below window will popup.
  • Enter the URL of the website for tracking.
  • You can check-uncheck the measuring parameter.
  • Click on Create Stream.
  • Congratulation! You have successfully created and Google Analytics Account and set up the data stream.

Get Google Analytics Global Site Tag.

  • Login into Google Analytics Account.
  • On the Bottom-left corner, click on Admin.
  • In the Property Section, Click on Datastream.
  • Now click on your Website Tab.
Get Google Analytics Global Site Tag.
  • You will see the window the data stream parameter.
  • Tab the Global Site Tag as you see below screenshot.
Global Site Tag
  • Copy the code by clicking on the Copy button.

Install Google Analytics In Blogger Template

  • So you copied the Global Site tag code.
  • Log in to your Blogger Dashboard.
  • Select the Theme option.
  • Click On the Dropdown arrow and press the Edit HTML.

Blogger Dashboard.

  • Press Ctrl+F and search <head> tag.
  • Paste the Globel Site tag Code under <head> tag as shown below.
Install Google Analytics In Blogger Template
  • After the changes, save the template.
  • As you completed the whole process, Google Analytics will start tracking the user’s behavior and bounce rate.
  • That all you have you do.
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