Google Made SERPs Result Bit Easier

Google Made SERPs Result Bit Easier
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Most search engine users want to avoid clicking on the links that are spammy, here is good news for users, Google decided to add some information about the website in the SERPs, to provide us with information before clicking the links that may be risky or a threat.

All the English-Search results will have a new widget to disclose a bit of information about the sites and their actual redirection. This update will roll out on desktop, mobile, and in the Google app for Android for US-Based Users.

The updates will roll out in your region, you will be able to see the three dots widgets in the upper-top right part of the search engine result listing. As you tap it a new small pop window will show up with all the details about the website, it will have its source from Wikipedia when available.

Google Made SERPs Result Bit Easier

This panel will have the ability to tell if the connection of this website is secure (meaning that it uses the HTTPS protocol. ) or dangerous.

If the website is not having its own Wikipedia page, Google will try to show additional information about the website, whatever google has on its database like the information about the first indexing of the website.

Google Made SERPs Result
Google Made SERPs Result

For other feature, google provide and organize different information, like the different job listings or business listings, Google will provide you with information of souces which is display in the panel, information from the business themselves.

Also, some non-savvy people get confused between the ads and organic results. So now this pallet will also inform the difference between both these categories whether the links are ads or organic result.

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