Google Will Charge Taxes from Non-US YouTube Creator

Google Will Charge Taxes from Non-US YouTube Creator

Google announced major changes in taxation for YouTube Creator who does not live in the United States. Now onward Google will be required to charge taxes on YouTube creator earnings generated from the viewers who live in the United States.

The creator will see this change in effect from the month of June, the percentage of tax will depend on a few factors. If the creator does not live in the US and has a revenue stream from YouTube and some view comes from the US audience, then some percentage of earning from the US audience will be charged a tax.

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Major Changes

Why these major changes -- Google informs that under Chapter 3 of the US Internal Revenue Code it is to collect tax information from monetized creators from Outside the United States.

So in this situation, Google will deduct taxes when the creator earns from the US audience views on their videos.

These taxes will be applied to the US earning comes from the Video Ads views, Youtube Premium, Super sticker, Super chat, and their channel membership.

What Can Creator Do?

Youtube creators outside of the US will be seeing the Tax notice in their youtube dashboard, the notice will ask them to fill in the tax information in AdSense. Below are some steps to follow the information:

  • Login into Adsense.
  • Location the Payment Option.
  • Navigate to the Manage Setting.
  • Find the United States Tax Info > Click on Manage TaxInfo.
  • Now the creator will have to provide relevant follow-up question information to fill in the detail.
  • Channel that connected with MCN (multichannel network) will need to provide the US tax information in the Adsense account.
  • Creator will have to provide this tax information with accuracy in their Adsense Account before April.
  • Google required the tax information details in order to calculate the correct amount of tax deduction.

What Will Tax Percentage Be?

Below are the things that will decide the Youtube tax deduction

  • Is the tax information is correct or completely submitted.
  • What is the percentage of the revenue that comes from the views of the US audience?
  • The Government of the creator's country has a tax treaty with the US or not.
  • If the youtube creator does not have any US audience viewers then Google Will not tax the content creator.

Calculate the earning generated from the US audience Views:

  • Login to the Youtube dashboard.
  • Navigate to Advanced Mode.
  • Select the Date and Click on Geograph.
  • As you click, a drop menu will open and you can add the secondary metrics. Choose Your Estimated Revenue.
  • Select the United States in the list of countries.
  • Now you can see the revenue from the US audience.

Consequences Of Not Submitting Tax Information

If Youtube creator does not provide the information by the deadline, then Google might apply the default tax rate of up to 24% of the total revenue worldwide. This will happens without tax information, google will assume that the creator is from the united states and will tax all the earning.

SO, it is best for Youtube creators to provide the tax information by the end of this May to avoid any kind of misinformation.

What about the United States Residents? -- Google quotes that Youtube creator from the united states has already submitted the tax information when they first joined the Youtube Partnership program. So their tax system already been set up and will require no additional tax information upload.

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