YouTube Is Rolling Out Shorts Beta In US

YouTube Is Rolling Out Shorts Beta In US

YouTube is rolling out the shorts beta in the United States and providing creators to edit the shorts in the App with an in-app creation tool.

This feature is widely used in other platforms like Tik Tok and Facebook, Shorts enable creators to create, edit and make some catchy short 15-second video for more viral effect for the creator.

The editor tool allows the creators to stitch the videos together and add some music from the YouTube music library for background.

The tool has been introduced by YouTube in September with a beta version in India 2020. From then the amount of growth its shown with almost 6.5 billion daily views which is a great Sign for expansion. Since the youtube algorithm treats shorts like a common video, which means being viral depends on engagement.

YouTube categorizes the vertical 15-second video or less as Short. You can easily the short video on the channel page on the YouTube Platform. Youtube made a wholly unique experience by providing dedicated player and in-app editing tools, now in coming weeks, the tools are being expanded for United States creators.

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Below are some details on the launch:

Youtube Shorts Beta In US Tools

Creation Tools

The creation tools that initially launched in India is now rolling out of US creator with more feature added. One of the new functionalities will let the creators add text at a particular point in the video, also can remix the sample from the other shorts.

Creation Tools

In the Future, YouTube is trying to make it possible for the creator to sample audio for any YouTube video in order to create YouTube Shorts. Those channel creator who does not want for their content to be remixed with the shorts, they can easily opt-out. The Youtube USA Shorts creator will have access to the collection of over 250 labels to add as background.

Shorts Player

YouTube Mobile viewers will have new experiences when playing shorts on mobile in which users can swipe up vertically from one video to another video. Users will access this dedicated player via a short carousal on the youtube home page, or Youtube will also provide a new Shorts Tab on the top-left corner of the mobile screen.

Shorts Player

Since the YouTube algorithm will provide more exposure to the Shorts video, which then helps creators shorts to get discovered by more people that are not in their audience. Since the format is more like Tik Tok, this particular feature will make content more discoverable and certainly helps the small creator to stand out from their competitors and gain more subscribers.


YouTube is thinking about the monetization of the shorts, which then allows a content creator to earn more revenue from the YouTube Partner Program. Youtube does have any exact detail about the idea, they just talked about the possibilities.

“Shorts is a new way to watch and create on YouTube, so we’re taking a fresh look at what it means to monetize Shorts and reward creators for their content. We are deeply committed to supporting the next generation of mobile creators with Shorts, and are actively working on what monetization options will look like in the future.”

One thing is for sure that if YouTube wants to make the popular creator adapt to this feature, they have made some possible way to monetize the shorts.

Source: YouTube Official Blog

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