Facebook Implementing Number Of New Audio Tools, With Audio Rooms, Clip Creation Tools

Facebook was working on these tools for a while, but now Facebook provided the official information. Facebook was looking into the clubhouse market audience and they tapped into that market by introducing the range of new audio tools across its platform.

Facebook always try to break the competition by introducing something similar and better, so this time it was Clubhouse, with the potential of the audio meeting platform which recently saw some huge spikes.

And since Facebook is a huge company with a massive user base and they have branded presence among people's lives, due to that presence of Facebook might have a chance over Clubhouse audience, especially the variety of tools that Facebook has come up with and announced in previous days.

Facebook is directly hitting on the Clubhouse by launching the only-audio version of the Rooms section in Facebook as well in messenger, the feature enables the users to start the audio rooms and their connection can join which then will be highlighted on the top of the News Feeds and people also can chat within the app.

In the above screenshot, you can see that the new feature of Facebook somewhat similar to Clubhouse format, which also highlights the hosts on the top of the screen, and the listener can easily tune in. Users will have the option to make the rooms public and private as per requirement, and simultaneously they can also be discoverable in the separate room tab.

The creator can monetize the Rooms audios via Facebook start donation system, but Facebook is working on a future monetization method to provide some more ways for creators to make money like the creator can charge their live audio room through one-time purchase and subscription-based model.

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Facebook Podcasts

Facebooks also mentioned that the creator will be able to turn the live conversation into the whole podcast for the later listing, and the creator can create a long-form of content which provides more way for monetization.

Facebook Podcasts
Credit: Facebook

Since Facebook is not originally an audio app like Clubhouse, which creator room for error or less engaging which will eventually be compensated through Facebook groups.

Now Facebook will roll out the initial version of the audio room, and they will test the audio room in groups, with that users can easily set up the audio room in their specific groups, through which people in the group can easily create engaging conversation.

The Facebook groups are used by over 1.8 billion people per month, which will make this feature valuable assets, imagine people in the group can share the thoughts in the chat of the group and engaging regularly.

If we compare the user base of Clubhouse, it is only 2 million active users per month, and if those active users are also active on Facebook groups with the feature, which include a huge chunk of the Clubhouse users which will never to their platform.

Facebook rooms will be available to the public figure, and later they will roll out the broader update to the public.

Soundbites: A New Social Audio Format

Also, Facebook is launching the new tools called the "Soundbites", which then enable users to create the short form of audio using the clipping effects.

Soundbites: A New Social Audio Format
Credit: Facebook

This feature will make the users post their own audio clip content to the platform, in a completely new format.

The audio clips have been testing out by Facebook from the updates option since 2018, all those tests is been around the Indian market and haven't had the advanced audio tools.

Due to the hype of the Clubhouse, the popularity of the audio clips has been on the rise, so facebook expanding the audios category, which could be useful in the social audio userbase.

Facebook mentioned starting the testing of soundbites over the next few months.

Citation: Facebook 

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