YouTube Provide Improved Features For Creators

YouTube Provide Improved Features For Creators

YouTube provides improved features for the creators like Caption in Upload Flow, Support for Permission Users, and Short Specific Snapshot Card. YouTube is rolling out these updates in the next few weeks.

We will discuss the features in detail and how to use them properly for the benefits.

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Captions In Upload Flow

Now YouTube is allowing the creator the ability to upload and enter the caption directly from the workflow, as the creator uploading the video on the video element page and hit the next button you will see the "Add subtitle" option with other options due to recently redesign the caption editor.

As you click on the Add button, you will able to three things:

  • Firstly, you can edit and type in your own caption for the particular video that uploading to the platform.
  • Secondly, you can also simply upload the caption file to the uploading video.
  • Thirdly, you can edit the automatically generated captions, if you find something that is incorrect and not 100% accurate in the generated captions.

Users Permission

In the user permission section, if you are a user who's been granted access permission of the channel via channel permission, you now have the ability to request support via Youtube studio, Chat, or Email options on the behalf of the channel only if that particular channel is eligible for the support

Filtering Hurtful Comments

Most of the creators have a problem with the hurtful comments in their comment section. So YouTube is providing you with the options to prevent the creator from you seeing those hurtful comments and completely surface those comments that important to you.

Now when somebody writes a hurtful comment YouTube will put held on those comments that they have identifies as more hurtful than the others in the new section called the "Held for Review" tab in the Youtube studio right at the bottom.

Suppose you want to review these, you can easily do that by just clicking on See hidden comments at the bottom of that Held for review tab. As you click on Show hidden comments, you will ask with the confirmation message.

The confirmation message will warn you that the "comments in the new section might be offensive And Please note that the section may not always appear".

Or if you want to review them, you can leave them as it is and completely ignore them.

Short-Specific Snapshot Card

Now About the Studio mobile, it is now gonna show you typical performance for the shorts, this going to be good cause it shows you the average of the percentage watched, likes and comparison of the short with the previous one.

Also, the creators who create both long-form content and short-form content can now able to compare the states of the content with the previous content uploads in each of those two categories.

 Note: All the updates rolling out in the next few weeks.

Source: Creator Insider

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