YouTube Provide Monetization For More Types Of Content

YouTube Provide Monetization For More Types Of ContentYouTube Provide Monetization For More Types Of Content

YouTube is expanding its Ad-Guidelines for allowing more types of content to be monetized with ads, now the creator can run ads on more types of content which will make more revenue for them essentially.

The platform made several changes in the Advertiser-friendly guideline, that created possibility which less restricted. Below are the updates about the YouTube Partner Program.

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Updates On Advertiser-Friendly Guideline

YouTube now allowing more types of content to monetized completely rather than having half monetized content on the channel. Now all the content creator who is in YouTube Partner Program can tell that particular content is fully eligible or partially eligible for monetization by simply identifying the color icon in Youtube studio dashboard.

Now below are the icon that the creator can identify the status of the video.

  • Green Icon: If your video indicates Green color then it is fully eligible for monetization.
  • Yellow Icon: If your video indicates the yellow color then it will display the limited ad or no ads.
  • Red Icon: If your video indicates the red color then it is not eligible for monetization.
  • Grey Icon: if your video indicates the grey color then it is manually turned off by the content creator.

The platform informs that they had a discussion with the advertisers to make suitable policy updates. Due to this, there are more opportunities for the users to monetize their content completely whereas before it is really hard to monetize the content which has a yellow icon.

Now the platform is placing the specific content out of the yellow icon into a green icon which will make it eligible. Following is the content that it is applied to.

Content In Education

YouTube platform is expanding the monetization of the content related to education, news, or documentaries that may feature violent interactions with the law enforcement, recreational drugs, or content related to drugs, as well events that are sensitive.

Adult Comedy

The platform is enabling monetization in the area of the content based on adult themes in the content of humor like adult pranks or dating jokes.

Controversial content

When it comes to controversial content YouTube is expanding the monetization where the content does have graphics and it's an objective discussion of controversial issues.


The platform will now allow the complete monetization of the content where there is use the moderate profanity within the first 30 seconds of the video.

Note: The Full change will come into play from April 2021

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