[Updated] How To Add/Embed YouTube Video in Facebook 2022?

Do you want to embed a YouTube video on Facebook but instead facing the problem?

Well, this is not just your problem alone, In 2021 everybody wants to do video marketing and they probably use YouTube and Facebook may be for their business or maybe for their personal use.

So you have a video on YouTube and you want to embed it on Facebook, but when you try to share those videos from the platform it will provide you with several sharing options including Facebook.

Using that option you can only share a link to your Facebook newsfeed or page but you cannot embed it completely.

So what’s the difference between sharing & embedding the video on Facebook, when you share a video on Facebook it shows that video as a post format in the news feed and other places but when you embed it shows that video as a native video on the platform.

There is no definite way to embed the video as we do with the websites. But we can definitely play around to get things done.

So then what should you use, simply sharing a video link from the YouTube platform on Facebook will not play the video as it should be. But if you want to make the video AutoPay on your Facebook page you will have to go with the second option which is to embed/upload the video.

Below we discussed two method to simply follow step by step:

Native Method: Embed YouTube Video On Facebook So It Plays Automatically

  • Step #1: Open the browser like Google Chrome and Enter the Youtube.com
  • Step #2: Locate and Play the video and copy the URL from the search bar of the YouTube platform. Below URL is an example.
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmHSE_bBkXw
youtube video downloader
  • Step #4: After hitting conversion, it will provide the option of format and resolution like Mp4, 3gp, and the audio file Mp3.
audio file Mp3.
  • Step #5: Just the choose quality you want of the video and click on the Get link.
  • Step #6: Now Download the video on the computer.
  • Step #7: Open and login into your Facebook account.
  • Step #8: Click on the photo/video option to upload the video from the computer files.
  • Step #9: As the Video gets uploads, provide the suitable title and Click on the Post button.
  • Step #10: Done.

Share The YouTube video On Facebook Directly

  • Step #1: Open the browser Google Chrome go to YouTube.com
  • Step #2: Locate the video you want to share on Facebook.
  • Step #3: Open the video with a YouTube player, and click on the share button below the video
  • Step #4: YouTube will provide you several sharing options as you can see in the screenshot like Facebook.
  • Step #5: The embed option is available do not select it cause it is for content publishing websites.
Share The YouTube video On Facebook Directly
  • Step #6: Click on the Facebook share button and you will be redirected to your Facebook (if you logged in).
  • Step #7: On Facebook, you can either post on the Newsfeed, Your story, or you can post on the pages you manage.
  • Step #8: Select and hit the Post button.
  • Step #9: Done.

Choosing Between Sharing vs Embed

There is some difference between simple sharing and native embedding YouTube videos in Facebook.

  • Whenever you use sharing Link from YouTube on your Facebook, it will read the shared video like the normal post content. It will show you a small thumbnail with titles and descriptions. But when you upload manually as a native video, it will display as the Facebook video with the autoplay option which makes them more engaging also shareable.
  • The shared link from YouTube required the user to click on it and then redirect to the other tab to watch which not most people prefer to do, it does not help in building brand awareness and does not help in viral effect.
  • Native videos are quickly responsive and easy to load so that users can watch seamlessly as compared to the shared link video, send the video opens on the new tabs, users can not like or comment under the video.


Why do some YouTube videos in Facebook play directly when others are only played in an additional tab via YouTube?

This only happens when you include a YouTube link also known as directly sharing a video from YouTube on Facebook. It will show you only post content with thumbnails and description, as you click on that post you will be redirected to the new tab of YouTube.

Although if you try to post a link in the comments of the post, the video will play directly there.

So saying that Facebook does not allow the direct playing of YouTube videos is not correct because it does but partially in the comments.

How do you share a YouTube video on Facebook without having to click a link to see it?

In order to share a YouTube video on Facebook with the autoplay features so that people won’t have to click on it. The Video simply has to be uploaded natively, the first method of simply downloading the video and uploading manually to Facebook.


Both embedding and sharing the YouTube videos on Facebook has negative and positive altogether. Completely depends on the goals of the person or the business. The most important thing is to put out the highly engaging content on the regular basis.

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