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Do you want to build your own WordPress website, then you are at the right piece of content!

This guide will walk you through the steps of building a fully optimized WordPress website to start your online journey.

In this piece of content, we will show you how you can install the WordPress CMS system with your hostinger WordPress hosting, which will completely affordable for the beginner as well as advance uses, one of the reasons we chose this hosting.

Why Build An Online Presence

Whatever it is either you need a website for the business or you need it for publishing important content both eventually build your online presence which leads to more exposure for the business.

Usually, bloggers write about the important piece of content about what people are searching for on search engines, which help them to build authority in their particular industry.

In the past time, people want to have blogs as a passion so that they can write about their hobbies and their lifestyle. But now these are more like a business that their owners trying to build.

In 2021 most businesses and individuals want to build their audience online through content marketing which enables them to build their businesses and convert more leads.

Hostinger Hosting Provider

So you want to build and start a new website with WordPress, you are going to need a web hosting provider that will provide you with the server space where you can store the files of your website.

All your assets like content, images, and videos will be saved in the database on the server.

Hostinger Hosting Provider

Whenever someone types your domain in the search bar of the browser, your hosting provider will return with the website files stored in their database to serve the needs of the user at the request.

Hostinger is the best hosting provider at an affordable price that can provide you the specification and performance to complete the task.

Best CMS: WordPress

WordPress is a widely used open-source content management system aka CMS. These CMS systems allow users to manage their content on the website without much technical knowledge, which means beginners can easily set up there a WordPress site without much off hustle with coding.

Below are the points that define some of the advantages of using WordPress as a CMS system.

1. Growth of the business website.

It becomes really easy for the owner to build and grow their WordPress website because there are tons of plugins and functionality that one can use with WordPress.

Due to its open-source developers always try to improve the system and create multiple new plugins almost every day to help more and more businesses.

2. Suitable for Search Engine Optimization

WordPress has become more search engine optimized over some previous years.

Search Engine Optimization is the crucial part of content marketing for any business website that wants to grow with search engines and increase its organic traffic.

WordPress can help its plugins and content management blocks which are known as Guttenberg editor.

There is news in the community that WordPress is updating its system with full site editing without any third-party plugin.

3. Easily Manageable

WordPress has this beautiful and interactive dashboard that enables users to navigate and locate options very easily in order to complete the task.

After the setup of WordPress any beginner can easily play around with the dashboard and able to learn the functionality within 10 to 15 minutes.

The dashboard does not require any coding knowledge everything is set up already and if the user wants to add some additional functionality they can use third-party plugins which are available in the WordPress Store for free.

4. Plugins

Plugins are the most famous part of the WordPress CMS system. Most of the users get attracted to WordPress just due to its plugin database.

WordPress contains millions of plugins for different functionality and most of them are Freemium products (Have free plans).

5. Security

Security is a major part of WordPress, developers always come up with new updates and security patches for creating hardcore security for websites.

You can also use third-party security plugins like Wordfence to create the extra layer of security over the website.

How To Setup A WordPress Website

In order to start a WordPress website, the first thing you need is a domain and if you have your own domain on another platform you can use it easily as well but if you don’t, we would recommend you to go for the domain with Namecheap (which is hands down the best domain provider when it comes to affordability).

Now follow the below steps to start the process:

1. Starting Website

Create and Signup for the account with hostinger, it has three plans of shared hosting, you should go with the middle one which is Premium Shared Hosting, you will able to build multiple sites with the free domain for the first year.

Hostinger domain

You can surely buy a domain on the Hostinger platform but they are not known for very good domain hosting service.

If you decide to go with Namecheap then we would recommend getting the .com domain coz it reflects the authority of the business and international clients are easily able to trust the website.

As you move forward you will find options on the next page which will provide you with the available platform, you can see in the screenshot you will have WordPress, Zyro, Woo Commerce + WordPress, and others.

Select the WordPress option for the optimized and smooth WordPress website

Format and Layout

Now you can choose the layout of the website you can also choose it later or if you choose right now you can also change it later in case if you don’t want it anymore.

You can also change the theme if you want or install a new theme to customize it.

However for now you can skip the theme install or set up your normal WordPress website, so you can decide the theme and layout of the website later.

Now the process of building almost one minute as it will complete the new blog WordPress blog website window will open with a free look as seen in the screenshot.

If you bought the domain on the Namecheap server then you have to add the name server which is provided by the hostinger to your domain DNS. We have to copy the name server and paste them on the Namecheap domain server.

Name Server Change On Namecheap

  • Login into the dashboard in Namecheap Centre.
  • Select the domain name for which you want to change the name server.
  • Click on Manage.
  • From the option, click on Advanced DNS.
  • Now, Change the Host and Value of the CNAME RECORD.
Advanced DNS
  • Nameservers will provide you by your hosting provider.
  • After adding the nameserver, it will take up to 24 hrs to make the changes.

Now your WordPress website is completely ready for the business.

Activating the SSL Certificate

Sure WordPress web website is now fully functional now we need to install or activate the SSL certificate that we get from the web hosting itself.

We need to install SSL because it makes the website encrypted which is a good sign for search engine growth and also for the security of the website.

Any type of transaction like credit card transaction data transaction, data transfer, and login IDs all are going to be secured through an SSL certificate.

It also helps the user to identify site is end-to-end encrypted and it helps users to make transactions and easy to visit. So as you can see in the screenshot below there is an option for SSL in the dashboard.

SSL certificate.

Tap on the setup option and your certificate will get installed easily. And you are done for this, now you have the website secured with an SSL certificate.

Hostinger Hpanel

Hostinger has its own custom panel for the management known as hpanel, it contains all the functions and features that usually you will get with the traditional Cpanel.

All the subdomains, mail addresses, and file managers, and other features that you will get with Cpanel will be here Hpanel.

Now as you can see above in the screenshot you can easily add plugins from here as well, are you can also do the same with WordPress plugin Store.


So the overall conclusion is that you should go with hostinger if you want to make a website fast for the business maybe want to publish the content at an affordable price, then hostinger is your solution.

We hope you like the piece of content if this helps you let us know in the comment below, feel free to insert any query.

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