YouTube Shorts US 100% Launch With Music Badges And More.

YouTube Shorts US 100% Launch With Music Badges And More.

Recently, in the news flash, YouTube launched shorts hundred percent in the United States and new trending music badges for content creators plus comment filter updates.

Let's take a look and discuss every update one by one.

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Updating The Profile Name & Picture.

The first update is gonna be really good for the content creator which is related to the profile, now content creators can change their profile name and picture on YouTube without affecting the similar components in their Google account, which is really great for content creators, unfortunately, they couldn't the do the same right now.

But after this update rolls out in a couple of next weeks the creators will have the capability of presenting their YouTube profile name more specifically according to their content and do not have to make any changes to the Google account.

You can easily make changes to the channel through mobile or desktop as well, this will provide flexibility to the content creators.

Firstly you have to remember two things when you follow the procedure. Suppose you change your channel name, it will not affect your custom URL, but if you change the channel name it will affect the verification badge on the channel and you will lose it if you have one, you can easily re-apply but according to YouTube, it may take several weeks to see the badge again back on the channel.

The reapplying of the badge required because YouTube says they need to verify, that the channel still represents the creator and its brand style that it claims to represent.

Another thing to keep an eye on community guidelines of YouTube these community guidelines apply to all kinds of content of the platform which is no different for the profile and name of the YouTube channel.

"I Haven't Responded" Filter- [Update]

So YouTube says they had feedback from the creators about I haven't responded option which is rendering the comments that are given hearts.

Now according to the creator's community when they provide heart to the comments it means they replied to that comments but it included in the "I haven't responded" filter.

So YouTube responded to the feedback and now they updated the "I haven't responded" filter to exclude the hearted comments.

New Trending Music Badges On The Watch Page-[Launch]

 YouTube wants to provide more recognition to the trending music videos that appear on the trending music chart will now be featuring a badge under the video.

This batch is going to indicate the position of the music video on the trending music chart which is somehow similar to the trending tab and trending gaming tab. When a user clicks on that trending badge they will redirect to the page of the trending music video.

YouTube Kids Now Available In New Countries [Launch]

YouTube launched there is YouTube kids platform in new countries including Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, and Turkey.

YouTube Kids will be available in 107 countries and 13 territories which completely becomes the part of YouTube brand so now kids from these countries can have amazing content to watch on the platform.

Shorts US 100% [Launch]

And the biggest news of the event is a YouTube short completely launching in the United States. All the content creators in the United States will have the access to the Short Camera with the addition of the new creation tools.

YouTube launched some features with the launch of shorts camera we going to discuss all those features one by one below.

Now creators can create a short video up to 60 seconds of recording instead of 15 seconds. Now when you start recording the short video on the platform you will see an option to maximize the recording duration from 15 to 60 seconds.

But remember if you record a short video and used music from the YouTube library you are capped to record only a 15-second video.

YouTube came up with the shorts filter feature, you are recording videos you can Switch between different filters while recording for editing through the short camera, these filters will enable you to do the color correction and change the Vibes of the short video.

YouTube says that these filters are just the beginning for the short videos and in upcoming years there will be tons of filters and effects to use on your short videos.

Now captions will be added to your shorts video automatically or you can also enable these captions manually for inserting by yourself.

Users will also have options to toggle between the automatic and the manual captions while watching the short video.

Final update, YouTube is adding a completely separate shorts video tab to the mobile app for creating a seamless experience. This will enable users to watch shorts videos without any hassle, the shorts tab button can be found at the bottom row of the app.

Now with the shorts tab update explore is the first topic that can be found on the top of the home feed. Explorer tabs users can explore the upcoming videos and the trending videos from the creators and also the hub of popular topics. This tab is a collection of videos that may be curated according to the user's interest and can be helpful to found new content creators.

That all the updates from the Creator insider

Citation: Creator Insider

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