How To Insert Shapes/Textbox In Google Docs 2021

As we know Google docs mainly use for typing text and creating documents presentation but nowadays as things are getting more visuals and interactive, more users want to including shapes, drawings, and text written in boxes with a beautiful border.

So today we going to discuss the simple ways of inserting various shapes and text boxes in Google documents.

Insert Shapes In Google Docs Using Drawing Tool

The most straightforward and simple way to insert various shapes in the document is by using the drawing tool which is the inbuilt feature in Google Docs.

The advantage of using the Drawing tool is it can be used while editing a document or presentation. So you don’t have to leave the document in order to create shapes of your choice.

The basic functionality of the Google drawing tool is you can insert various types of shapes which are already available in the tool, you can also create edit, and modify the default shapes according to the requirement.

One of the useful features is you can insert single shape objects or also multiple shapes if you want them together. Follow the steps in order to do so:

  • Open the Google docs with Gmail account.
  • From the top header menu select Insert>Drawing> click on New button.
Insert Shapes In Google Docs Using Drawing Tool
  • Or If you want to insert the shape available in drive, Select from Drive Option.
  • Now, from the Pop-up window of drawing tool, select the Shapes icon.
  • A Drop-Menu will open with four option, as you hover over Shapes option, you will see different types of shapes that you can insert as seen in the screenshot.
  • Four option includes Shapes (Basic shapes), Arrow (includes Arrow shapes), Call Outs (includes for chat bubbles), Equations(Includes mathematics shapes).
  • Select the required shape and drag it on the Drawing page.
  • OK, Now the shape is added and you can modify it by changing the colour, border colour, size and many more.
  • After you done for the shape, Click on Save and close, and the Shapes will be inserted on the main document.
  • You can resize it, move it by dragging across the document, also you can Click on Edit button for the making futher changes.
  • Done.

Inserting Shapes In Google Docs Using Special Characters

Google Docs also provides special characters to insert these shapes and characters around the text. These special characters can be added with the normal text or modified text. In order to insert the special character follow the below steps:

  • Open the Google docs.
  • To include the special character, select Insert option from the top header menu.
  • Click on a Special character option.
Inserting Shapes In Google Docs Using Special Characters
  • Now the Insert Special Character popup window will open, you can search for the various shapes in the search bar.
  • For Example Here we searched for Circle to locate all the circle shapes in the list or you can also draw the circle on the drawing area as shown in screenshot.
  • Drawing of the shapes will search out the similar shapes from the list.
  • As you hover over any Special Character, you will have a large preview of that character. If you are satisfied just click on the special character and it will be automatically inserted on the main document.
  • Also add multiple character by just clicking on the characters in the list.
  • As the character inserted in the main document, it can always change its text formatting. Now double tap on the character to select and then use the header menu to change the formatting like font size, colour or it’s size.
  • Done.

Inserting Shapes In Google Docs Using Images

Sometimes users want to use some creative shapes for the document in that case you should use some third-party tool like Photoshop to create the shape and then upload that shape in Google Docs or you can refer this content on how to create curved word art & text in google docs.

Follow the below steps to upload the shapes in the document:

  • Open the Google docs.
  • To upload the image, go to insert option in the top header and how our image option and select the preferred one from the two option.
    • Upload from the computer.
    • Search the Web.
Inserting Shapes In Google Docs Using Images
  • The first option is use for uploading the shapes or images from the computer and the second option can be use to search for the shapes on the web.
  • If want to use Upload from the computer, simply click on the first option in the loader window will open or if you use second option, Search the web.
  • As you select the second option, Right hand window will open in which you can search for the required shapes then click on Insert button.
  • After the shapes or image insertion, you can easily resize it and can also change the border colours and transparent effect by simply selecting the Image options in the right click menu.
  • Done.

Inserting Square Shapes In Google Docs Using Table

Another most popular way to insert square shapes in the document is by using the table format, by using this method you can format it using colors and custom orders which can be really helpful and creative.

The good part is you can easily insert your text directly into your shapes, first you need to insert the basic table. Now with this table option, you can only have a square or rectangular form of a table.

Users prefer this method cause you can easily add shape to the document plus the text can be inserted and customize with ease.

  • Select the “Insert” option in the top header menu.
  • Hover over the table option and select the “table” size from the pop-menu window.
Inserting Square Shapes In Google Docs Using Table
  • If you want to create the square table, Select (1*1) size or for the rectangle one choose (1*2) size.
  • After you created the table, you can always resize and modify it according to the need. Also it backgroud color can also be change with ease.
  • Click the Bucket icon on the toolbar header and Select the color from the panel.
  • Also, you can also modify the border width of the table. Simply click on the border icon and Change the border width from the default 1pt. If you change the default width from 1pt to 0pt, the selected border of the table will become invisible.
  • If you want to hide the border, you can use this simple feature, you can also select different types of borders and decrease their border to make them invisible.
  • Done.

How Do You Freehand Draw In Google Docs?

When it comes to inserting shapes we have several different premade options to use, and it provides a good level of customization in the document.

But sometimes users want to create their own original shapes that they come up with from the scratch. Fortunately, we can do a similar thing with the help of the Google Docs Drawing Tool.

In the language of drawing it is called Freehand Drawing which can be easily done with the right selection of a specific tool to draw, follow the below steps to do the freehand drawing.

  • Open the Google docs, create a new document.
  • Click on the “Insert” option, hover over “Drawing” and select “New“.
  • In the drawing pop-up window, click on the “Line Select” drop-down option.
  • Now in drop-down , you will have Seven different ways to draw.
  • Select the last option “Scribble” from the list, it will allow you to create a free hand drawing on the area.
  • Create the design and click on “Save and close”.
  • As in the screenshot, I drew some random figure which does not look good but it works fine, this way you can create several different art from scratch.
  • Done.

How To Add Shapes In Google Docs Mobile

As we discussed around four methods to insert shapes in Google Docs the same way you can do that in mobile devices, but there is some method that does not work with a smartphone.

There are only two methods that will work with the smartphones doc app:

  • Add shapes in Google docs using images.
  • Add shapes in Google docs using table.

Add Shapes In Google Docs Using Images.

  • Open the Google docs app in smartphone and create the document.
  • Click on the Plus icon located on the top menu options and slide menu will open.
  • Select the “Image” and you will have three options.
    • From Photo.
    • From Camera.
    • From Web.
How To Add Shapes In Google Docs Mobile
  • Now for this method to work, you need to uplaod some premade shapes available in your smartphone memory or you can use third option “From Web” for inserting the shape directly from the internet.
  • For this, click on “From Web” option and a new window will open where you can search for the image and Insert it in the document.
    • Note: Always use copyright free shapes and images for the commercial purpose.
  • Done.

Add Square Shape In Google Docs Using Image.

  • Open the Google docs app in smartphone and create the document.
  • Click on the Plus icon located on the top menu options.
  • Select the “Table” option and Select the Columns and Row as per required.
Add Square Shape In Google Docs Using Image.
  • And now you have “Square Table” in the document.
  • You can also adjust the size of one column of the table by simply dragging it across the screen.
  • To directly add one column or one row, first long tap on the item and click on the icons located at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Done.

How To Insert A Text Box In Google Docs

Users want to add text boxes in Google Docs text to make it distinguish, text boxes are also kind of shapes, which will also allow you to use text box formatting like changing the background color in style formatting. Moreover, refer this 4 ways to insert text caption in google docs

Follow the steps to insert text box in Google Docs:

  • Select the “Insert” Button, then click on Drawing from the drop down.
How To Insert A Text Box In Google Docs
  • Drawing tool window with open, click on “Text box” from the header menu.
  • Now click & drag the arrow in the drawing area to make the text box.
  • Text box will be inserted, now enter the text in the text box area.
  • After the work is done click on Save and close and the text box will appear in the main document as shown above.
  • Done.

Modifying The Text Box

The drawing tool comes with customization options for text boxes and various shapes, we can easily change the color of the background of the text box. You can change the font size and color of the textbox few clicks, to modify it follow the below steps:

  • In the drawing tool window, tap and select the text box.
  • To change the background colour just click the “Bucket” icon in header menu.
Modifying The Text Box
  • To change the border color of the textbox click on the “Pencil” icon and choose the color from the panel.
  • To change the border weight click on the “Border” icon and select the right weight.
  • Done.


How To Draw On Google Docs?

Google docs do not provide you with a direct way to draw something on the document. So in order to draw on Google Docs, you have to use features like inserting shapes and customizable world art.
And all of this can be done using the Google drawing tool, this tool also provides you with freehand drawing in google docs.
Remember: You can use this drawing tool in Google Docs on the browser, cause the google drawing tool is not available for Android and IOS devices.
As we discussed, there are various shapes available that you can insert with the formated text, features like Word Art will surely help you create the design for the document.

How To Move Shapes In Google Docs

After you created the shape or use freehand drawing in the drawing tool, take your pointer over the shape, and a grabber icon will appear as a pointer, press and hold the left-Click on the mouse and drag it across the screen.
In docs, most of the time, users will face problems due to the dragging of shapes that comes across little tricky, cause users to start dragging the shape before the grabber icon appears.


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