3 Best Ways To Screenshot On Snapchat Without Them Knowing 2021

Do you use Snapchat and have tried taking a screenshot of someone’s story content or their profile?

If “Yes” So you would know that anytime you try to take a screenshot of the user’s content by using the traditional ways, Snapchat will notify that user, by then people used so many tricks that may be working two to three years ago but not now, due to various updates of the app.

Some of the third-party apps that working before are now completely useless. So we have discussed few ways to tackle this in a proper way, follow the guide to understand the process.

#. Use Airplane Mode For The Screenshot

So the usual way to take the screenshot is to open the app, let the content load, and then turn on the airplane mode to take the screenshot of the content.

This way users would snap in the shot couple of years ago, but now if you take the screenshot this way, then Snapchat might leave the notification on the user chat without sending the complete notification or the app could send the notification after you turn off the Airplane mode, to prevent that follow the below steps.

  • Launch the Snapchat app on the smartphone, switch to the stories tab, it will take seconds to load the content depends on the internet connection.
Snapchat Screenshot using Airplane mode
  • Now the “Swipe-Down” to open the Control panel center of the smartphone and tap on the Airplane icon to turn on the Airplane Mode.
  • In the Snapchat app, tap and open to view the story, once it loads the required content for the screenshot, and thier is no internet connection, snapchat will not be able to notify the creator of the content.
  • Now as we no that snapchat could list the notification in that users chat and could provide the notification after you turn-off the Airplane mode.

To tackle that situation follow the below steps:

  • Tap on the back button and now tap on the Profile Icon.
  • Select the “Setting” button located on the top right corner of the screen.
Snapchat Clear cache feature
  • Scroll down and select the “Clear Cache“, then tap on “Continue” option.
  • Now it’s done, you can turn off the Airplane Mode.
  • Done.

#. Use Screen Mirroring Feature

This method is a little work to set up, and this will probably allow you to capture the screenshot without notifying them. If you do this correctly by the end of this method you will have your required screenshot.

We all have this feature called “Screen Mirroring” or “Cast” on our smartphone which allows us to replicate our phone screen on the external smart device, we will use this method to our benefit.

Snapchat Screenshot by using Screen Mirroring Feature

If you are smartphone is old and does not have this feature, you can always use apps available in the Play Store or App Store to download and install this feature.

These apps will allow you to replicate your screen off Android or iPhone on another external device such as a Smart TV.

Now, you can simply use this feature to cast your device on a Smart TV, launch the Snapchat story and take the screenshot of the required content on the external device. This way Snapchat will not be able to notify them.

#. Use Google Assistant

The one method for taking the screenshot is using Google assistant to trick Snapchat, the downside is it can only be used on Android devices.

Screenshot Snapchat by using Google Assistant

After opening the story or chat or the required content, press the “Home” button and say “Take the screenshot”. Google Assistant will take a screenshot for you and will save it on your device for further use. This way Snapchat will not be able to detect the action, hence there will be no notification sent to them.

Snapchat Screenshot On The Iphone

The users on iPhone or IOS devices were able to take the screenshot without Snapchat notifying them. But there was an update in May of 2021 for IOS devices that prevent screenshotting.

Some of the 3rd party apps which were available on the app stores became completely useless after the update. Trying this application didn’t work at all, the users were still getting the notification.

So if you rely on the third-party apps for the screenshot you might need some other consideration after the update, some developers are working on a workaround, for that you have to be updated on the app’s in-app store.

For now, we have two solutions for iPhone users is, they can use devices with other OS-supported Phones or Tablets to capture the screenshot.

Or try to use the above methods on your IOS device, see if that works, try out this with your friend’s device who does not care about taking the screenshot, in some cases, it might work.

Screenshot Snapchat Chat Without Them Knowing

This method is a little tricky but will get things done, we want to take the screenshot of the chatting we did with friends or maybe customer support.

Screenshot Snapchat Chat Without Them Knowing

If you use traditional way, which will let you take the screenshot but it will for sure notify them about these screenshotting even for the chatting, you will know that Snapchat captured the action, it will be pop up like this “YOU SCREEN RECORDING CHAT” or “YOU TOOK A SCREENSHOT OF CHAT” the minute you record or screenshot something.

In this, we will use the Team Snapchat support as an example. So type the “Hey” in the chatting bar and try to minimize the window of the app and take the screenshot by using a hard button or you can also use the screenshot timmer, the screenshot will look like the below image.

Note: This method will work for both Android and IOS devices.


Why does Snapchat notify the user when a screenshot is taken?

In today’s social media, seems to be a real important feature from the company’s point of view.
Snapchat offers different experience for different kind of people and always want to differentiate from the other social apps and platforms.
One of the reason could be that is Snapchat was actually created for sending pictures for which they want to notify the users.
This is for the privacy reason of the users that they do not want breach, so they let the users notify, whoever takes a screenshot of the content.

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