How To Print Double Sided Pages On Google Docs 2021

Do you use Google docs to create documents for your work, whether it is for publishing or for use as digital documents? If Yes, then you might have come across the process of printing the documents in paper form.

Most of the users use digital documents for the work, which is very easy to create and share with people miles away, but there are still some traditional businesses or some official paperwork that might need the printing of documents in paper form.

Also, businesses that use a major part of the paper documents, usually spend a big cost on paper printing.

However, below are the information that you require to print the double-sided printing with Google docs. We also discuss double-sided printing with different printing.

Double Sided OR Duplex Printing

As the name refers, double-sided printing or Duplex Printing is the printing on both sides of the paper, there are also one-side printing available but the advantage of Duplex is you can save a lot of costs by printing on both side of the paper.

By using duplex printing you are saving a lot of money on paper and also being eco-friendly in the nature of the business, use of less paper leads to less paper waste.

Double-sided printing is used widely in the commercial space due to its ability to print double-sided things like textbooks, newspapers, and other forms of print media, they always use Double-side over One-side printing.

There are printers called duplex printers which automatically print the text on both sides of the paper, we just have to select the double side print option in the setting and the printer will automatically flip the page and print out the text.

Other printers are called manual printer which has the ability to print the text on both sides of the paper, but we have to manually flip the paper print on the double side.

Now we will discuss how you can friend Google Docs documents with both printers and what settings we have to select for that, follow the below process.

Steps To Use the Duplex Printer To Print Double-Sided Document With Google Docs.

You should follow the below steps if you use an automatic duplex printer for printing documents.

  • Open Google docs on your browser and login with your Google account.
  • Now you can create new document and pick the existing one from the “Recent Documents” section where you uploaded the files.
  • Click on the “File Tab” which is located on the top-left corner of the screen in the toolbar header as shown in screenshot.
Duplex Printer To Print Double-Sided Document With Google Docs.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click on “Print” option or you can press CTRL+P to open the print window.
  • Click on “More Settings” to see the options for the double side printing as shown in screenshot.
  • Scroll down and you will see an “Two-Sided” just below “Scale“option. Also Check the checkbox for the both side print option, you will also see “Flip on long edge” or “Flip on short edge” options.
    • Flip on Longer Edge – In this option the printer will flip the longer edge of the paper print the text.
    • Flip on short edge – In this section the printer will flip the page from the shorter edge to print the text.
    • As you know pages of every book or documents comes with shorter and longer edge, which means whatever option you choose the printer will start printing the text from that side. Usually every book you read is printed from longer edge of the paper.
system dialogue
  • You can also print using system dialogue,
    • As you scroll down in the print window, you will have an “Print using system dialog” click on it and a new window promt will open up.
    • You can choose the printer here and change the preference setting according to the needs, Preference > Two-sided printing.
    • Also change the “Page Range” and define the “Number of copies”.
  • Since this promt provide more options, you can always select between this promot or Google docs option.
  • After changing the required setting just click on “Print” button and the printer will print out the document.
  • One advantage that Google Docs has over System Dialogue is in Google Docs you can always preview your print.
  • Done.

Setup Your Print Setting In An Automatic Duplex Printer

Before you follow the above process, you should connect your duplex printer and do the configuration, follow the below steps to configure the printer:

  • Turn-On the Printer and Press the menu Button.
  • Now you have to look for the option that allow us to edit the settings for the printer, you can check out the edit configuartion settings.
  • Pres the Ok button to edit the setting menu.
  • Locate the auto-duplex mode for the printer, now to turn it On, press ok.
  • Again the printer will ask you turn on the auto duplex mode.
  • Choose the turn on option and press ok to save the settings.
  • Done.

Steps To Use Manual Duplex Printer To Print Double-Sided Document With Google Docs.

Let’s say you do not have an automatic duplex printer and you are using the manual printer. It only adds up to a single more step, follow the below.

Manual Duplex Printer To Print Double-Sided Document With Google Docs.
  • Open Your Google Docs document login with your google account.
  • Click on the “File Tab” which is located on the top-left corner of the screen in the toolbar header as shown in screenshot.
  • Scroll down and select the “Print” option or Press CTRL+P.
  • Now the print window will open where you will find an option of pages and you can select the number of pages on which you want to print the text.
  • To print on the double side of the paper in Manual printer we have to print on all the odd number pages.
  • Select the “Custom” from the drop-down and then enter the only odd page number (e.g. 1,3,5,7,9).
  • Or you can select the “Odd Pages only” option from the drop-down instead of Custom.
  • You can also complete this process by using system dialogue.
    • Click on More Setting option in the Printer windows.
    • Scroll down and click on “Print using system dialogue” option.
    • A new promt window will open where you can change the page range.
  • Click on “Print” button option.
  • All the odd pages that you selected will be printed, and now flip the pages in your printer to print on all the even pages.
  • Now Again,
    • Open the Print windows again and enter all the even number pages (e.g.2,4,6) in the Pages option, you can choose to do this in either Google Docs or in system dialogue box.
    • Or you can select the “Even Pages only” option from the drop-down instead of Custom.
  • Click on “Print” option to print on the other side of the pages.
  • Done.


How To Print Double-Sided PDF Chrome

When using Google Chrome, you try to print a pdf through the wireless or wired printer, but text-only gets printed on one side of the paper if this happens then the question is how to print text on both sides of the paper?
On the Browser side, if you are having a double-sided option while printing, your setting is clear and the problem should be in the printer setting, which we can solve in windows.
So, Press Windows button and then search and open “Setting” option> Now Devices > Printers & Scanners > Select your printer then Click on “Manage” option > Printer Properties > Device Settings > Installable options > Duplex unit > Change that option from no Installed to Installed.

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