How To Convert 8mm Tapes To DVD Without A Camcorder

Are you wondering how to convert 8mm tapes to DVD without a camcorder? Although it’s an unpopular opinion, camcorders aren’t the only option for converting 8mm tapes to DVD.

They’re not even the best option; they’re just popular because they are convenient.

You can convert 8mm tapes to DVD using an 8mm tape player. The process is pretty straightforward: slot your 8mm tape into the tape player and connect the tape player to a DVD recorder with a blank DVD in it.

Start the DVD recorder and play the 8mm tape in the tape player to record its contents on that DVD.

This article will further explore the process of converting 8mm tapes to DVD when a camcorder isn’t available.

How To Convert 8mm Tapes To DVD Without a Camcorder

8mm tapes are slowly becoming obsolete. The only way to preserve their contents is to convert them to modern media.

In this case, the modern medium is the DVD, which would preserve the tape’s contents for many years.

When converting the 8mm tapes to DVD format, most people use the camcorder they used for recording the tape. They’ll connect the camcorder to a DVD recorder and use that to convert the tapes to DVD.

What would you do if your camcorder was unavailable or was not working as it should?

Does this mean you’ll need to borrow one from someone else? No, you can use a tape player instead of a camcorder, and it’ll work great. We’ve outlined the steps below; however, you must prepare a few things.

  • The 8mm tape that you want to convert
  • A tape player
  • A blank DVD
  • A DVD recorder

Take note that 3 major types of tape players can help in converting your tapes:

  • Video8: This is one of the earliest 8mm tape players, with a horizontal resolution of 240 lines. These players can play 8mm tapes recorded in the Video8 format.
  • Hi-8: This is an improved version of the Video8 tape recorder, and it came with a resolution of 420 lines. This tape player allows you to play Hi-8 format videos and Video8 videos.
  • Digital8: This is the latest 8mm tape player version, allowing users to record files in a digital format. Apart from playing Digital8 tapes, this tape recorder can also play Hi-8 and Video8 tapes.
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So, you can choose one of the tape recorders above based on your 8mm tape format.

After gathering all these, you can follow the steps below to convert your 8mm tapes to DVD:

  1. Place the 8mm tape you want to convert into the tape player.
  2. Connect the tape recorder to your DVD recorder via AV cables. To do this, you must find the “Video Out” port and connect AV cables to the “Video In” port.
  3. Start the DVD recorder and load a blank disc.
  4. Press the “Play” button on the DVD recorder to start recording footage.
  5. Press the “Play” button on the 8mm tape player to play its contents. 
  6. Always start the DVD recorder first when converting 8mm tapes to DVD without a camcorder. This is because some recorders take a few seconds to start recording footage. So, if your 8mm tape player is already working, some footage might be lost during that period.
  7. You can preview the footage you’re recording by connecting the DVD recorder to a television.
  8. Once you’ve recorded the contents of your 8mm tape, you can stop the DVD recorder. This will automatically save its contents.

Where Can You Get An 8mm Tape Player?

Unlike 8mm tapes, these players are still available in markets and corner stores. So, you can either purchase them offline at a store near you or go online.

Stores like Amazon and eBay offer used and new versions of good Sony tape players.

Some of the 8mm tape players that you can purchase include:

  • Sony EV-A50
  • Sony EV-c25
  • Sony EVO 250
  • Sony EV-C200
  • Sony GV-D200
  • Sony GV-s50 Video Walkman
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Are There Other Options To Convert 8MM Tapes To DVD Without A Camcorder?

If you don’t have an 8mm tape player, can you still convert 8mm tapes to DVDs? The answer is yes, and you can send them to an “8mm Tape to DVD Transfer Service.”

These companies are experts who’ll receive your 8mm tapes and transfer their contents to a DVD using their advanced software.


Anyone that wants to preserve memories stored on 8mm tapes should learn how to convert them to DVD. As these camcorders won’t be around forever, you can use an 8mm tape player to do the job.

When you pair this up with a DVD recorder, you’ll have all you need to convert the 8mm tapes. Of course, you can also pay for an 8mm Tape to DVD transfer service to do the job.


1.) Can I Watch An 8MM Tape Without A Camcorder?

Yes, you can watch an 8mm tape without a camcorder. You can use an 8mm tape player or a VCR with an 8mm tape adapter.

Another option is to have the tape professionally transferred to a digital format, such as DVD or USB, which you can play on a computer or TV.

2.) What Is The Best Method To Digitize An 8MM Film?

The best method to digitize an 8mm film is to use a film scanner or a professional film transfer service.

However, if you want to do it yourself, you can use a projector, camcorder, or DSLR camera to capture the film frame by frame.

This method requires some technical knowledge and equipment. But the results always come out high-quality.

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3.) Can I Transfer 8MM Tapes To DVD At Home?

Yes. With the right software and devices, you can transfer 8mm tapes to DVDs at home.

You will need an 8mm tape player, a video capture device, and DVD-burning software. 

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