First Steps In Security When Making New Websites

When you run a website, it’s your job to provide your audience with a safe, secure environment that leaves them feeling safe and secure. Even a tiny data breach can have extremely major repercussions for businesses, such as lost revenue, reputational harm, or complaints. Customers freely disclose their personal information, financial information, and credit card … Read more

How To Remove Powered By Blogger Attribute: Full Guide

Most Publishers trust the blogger platform where you can create your own full-fledged website for free, today we are discussing how to remove powered by blogger. Since blogger has several templates but there are companies that provide a free or paid template that is advance in many ways. Blogger itself has several widgets option that … Read more

Best Way To Lazy Load Image In Blogger: Defer Off-Screen Images 2022

When working with bloggers one major limitation for the common users is they don’t have various plugin support. Plugins like image optimization plugin, Caching plugin that will help store caching of your website.  In this post, we are going to discuss how to install the lazy load script in your blogger and enable defer Off-Screen Images … Read more