iPhone 11 Screen Size In Pixels

Perhaps you’re a designer or developer who wants to know the iPhone 11 screen size in pixels. If so, this article can help.

The iPhone 11 is a popular smartphone with many impressive features, including a stunning display. And knowing the device’s screen size can be incredibly useful.

The iPhone 11 features a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina display with a pixel density of 326 PPI. However, its resolution is 1792 x 828 pixels.

And the CSS pixel ratio is 2, which indicates the association between the physical pixels and the CSS pixels.

The viewport size is 896 x 414 points, which helps to ensure web content is displayed correctly and responsively. 

This article will explore the specifics of the iPhone 11 screen size measured in pixels. And it will provide valuable information on its dimensions, pixel density, CSS pixel ratio, resolution, and viewport. Let’s get stuck in.

Why The iPhone 11 Screen Size Is Important

Knowing the screen size of any device can prove helpful for designing or developing mobile content.

With the iPhone 11’s screen size in hand, mobile apps and websites can be optimized for display on this device.

When content is optimized for the iPhone 11’s screen size, iPhone 11 owners will enjoy an enhanced user experience. 

iPhone 11 Screen Size In Pixels

Screen Dimensions

The iPhone 11 offers a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina display with plenty of room for showing all types of content.

With screen dimensions of 1792 x 828 pixels, this device provides sharp and clear visuals.

Screen Pixel Density

The pixel density of the iPhone 11 is 326 pixels per inch. (PPI). This allows for detailed images and sharp text, resulting in a superb visual experience for users.

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CSS Pixel Ratio

The iPhone 11’s CSS pixel ratio is 2. This ratio denotes the connection between actual pixels on the screen and CSS pixels used for web page styling.

A CSS pixel ratio of 2 means that each CSS pixel is equivalent to two actual pixels on the screen.

Screen Resolution

When it comes to screen resolution, the iPhone 11 offers 1792 x 828 pixels. This enriched resolution, coupled with its high pixel density, makes the iPhone 11 perfect for viewing any image, video, game, or website. 


The viewport size for the iPhone 11 is 896 x 414 points. This is a crucial metric, as it plays an essential role in ensuring that the content viewed on the device is displayed correctly. Therefore, it’s the metric that web developers most often look for.


The iPhone 11’s screen size is vital to the device’s overall experience. The 6.1-inch Liquid Retina display offers ample space for users to view and interact with content.

While the high pixel density of 326 PPI ensures crisp and clear images. 

Web developers can optimize their designs by using the viewport size of 896 x 414 points.

And graphic designers can create stunning visuals that take advantage of the device’s dimensions.

Therefore, knowing the iPhone 11’s screen size in pixels is essential for making the most of the device’s capabilities.


1.) What Is The Aspect Ratio Of The iPhone 11 Screen?

The iPhone 11 screen has an aspect ratio of 19.5:9, which means that the screen is almost twice as tall as it is wide. This aspect ratio is ideal for viewing videos and other full-screen media content.

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2.) How Does The iPhone 11 Screen Compare To The iPhone 11 Pro And Pro Max Screens?

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro both feature a 6.1-inch screen size, while the iPhone 11 Pro Max has a larger 6.5-inch screen.

However, the iPhone 11’s screen has a slightly lower pixel density than the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max screens.

Nonetheless, all three devices feature impressive displays that offer a fantastic visual experience for users.

3.) Can The iPhone 11 Screen Size Be Adjusted?

Yes. Users can adjust the display settings on their iPhone 11, such as the text size, zoom level, and display resolution. This way, they can customize their viewing experience.

The device also features Display Zoom, which lets users see more content on the screen by enlarging app icons and text.

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