What Are Snapchat Score And Its Calculation? [Updated]


Do you ever wonder, What is Snap Score, How Does it Work, and its Calculations?

Snapchat has gained massive success in previous years among youth and since then Snapchat trying to innovate with more features to make their user interaction even much better.

One of the most popular features is called Snapchat score which tells its user how active and engaging they are on the Snapchat platform.

But Snapchat never fully discussed how its Snapchat score works and its calculation process.

What Is Snap Score?

Many third-party websites and technology websites try to you understand these scores to know how this course affects the users and their profile. Most of them were able to define some points. These points have not been confirmed by the company itself so you can take a look at these points and can have your own thoughts.

  • Snaps Sent & Receive Sending snaps and receiving snaps plays a major role, Snapchat already confirmed these points that play an important role in the score.
  • User active time — How much time the user is spending on the Snapchat platform.
  • Friends and followers — How many followers do you have and the frequency of followers gaining every day.
  • Content — How often do you post content and stories.
  • Snap streaks — You can build your snap streaks with your friends by sending and receiving the snaps for several regular days.
  • Boost for continuing — Many users believe that if you haven’t use the Snapchat platform in a while and you come back and start using it continuously then there is an increase in your snap score.

Snap score is something that Snapchat created deliberately for people to keep them engaging in on the platform and use it continuously.

Where To Find Your Snapchat Score?

Do you want to know about your Snapchat score or how do you find it on the Snapchat platform? You can easily find your Snapchat score by following the below steps thoroughly.

  • Open the Snapchat app on your smartphone.
Tap on Snapchat Profile
  • Tap on the profile picture aka Bitmoji icon located at the upper left corner of the screen.
  • You can see your Snapchat code image, look under the profile name there is a number in between your username and your zodiac sign that is Snapchat score.
Snap Score
  • You can tap on the Snapchat score to find the number of snaps you have sent and received on the platform.
Score of Sent and receive
  • This number is generated by algorithmic math’s so if you do the math’s manually the number won’t make any sense.

How To Find Your Friends Snap Score?

You can also find your friend’s snap score for the comparison, you have to compare this manually cause there is no option available within the platform to compare, you just have to look at the profiles of your friends and compare them with yourself. So below are the steps to follow.

  • Open the Snapchat app and from the camera screen swipe right for opening the chat window.
How To Find Your Friends Snap Score?
  • Locate any user or friend in the list.
Snapchat friends
  • Tap on its profile picture to open the profile page, and it will display their name username, and Snap Score.
  • Now you can compare your snap score and your friend’s snap score one to one manually.


Why You Can’t See Your Friend Snap score?

As you have a long friend list on the Snapchat platform but somehow you are not able to see their snap scores which certainly means that either they have not added you as their friend in their friend list or maybe they deleted you.

Snapchat will also show you the snap score of your mutual friends. You can contact them or message them on Snapchat itself so that they can add you as friends.

You Spend Time Hanging Out In Snapchat Groups, But Your Snap Score Is Not Increasing?

This thing is not confirmed by Snapchat itself, it’s a try and tested experience that user had when hanging out in groups will increase your snap score which is not true. So hanging out in a group will not increase the Snapchat score.

Do Anything Affects Snap Score Negatively?

No, the Snapchat Score will affect negatively unless there is some technical problem in the app, cause there were some glitches in the app in the past.

So, if the Score goes negative then it is a glitch problem, and then you should report it by using “Report the Problem” to contact the Snapchat developer.

Why My Snapchat Is Not Increasing?

If your Snapchat score is not increasing it is only because you are not for not engaging in the platform like snapping and adding friends. However, what you can do is an update, restart, and force stop the app or contact Snapchat help support.

What Is The Average Snapchat Score?

Well, that depends on the profile of the person, suppose you have more than 1500 people on your Snapchat and all those people are regularly posting and engaging. So the average snap score is going to be something between 50000 to 80000 approx.

Your snap score is completely dependent on how frequently you use the app and as we discussed already if you want to increase the snap score you need to build streaks, video streaks are the best for engagement.

Is A High Snap Score A Red Flag?

Suppose a user has a snap score of like 600k, is it a red flag?

No, this type of Score is not necessarily a Red flag. They may be using social media a lot and sending unnecessary snaps to their friends. The only concerning thing is they use social media a lot.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A High Snapchat Score?

Having a higher Snapchat score has some positive and negative to the profile like having a higher score means your account is legit and you’ve got followers and you talk to a lot of people on the platform. Although if you have scored in Millions your profile would definitely see in as someone who used some hack or tools to get the higher score.

Can Someone See If I Check Their Snapchat Score?

Your friends and the Snapchat user will not have any idea if you checked their score. It is because they already added you as a friend, so whenever you are looking for the friends Snap score, they will not know the time when you are checking their Snapchat score.

How To Get Your Snap Score To 1 Million 2021?

First of all, 1 million is an absurd number for most users but there are tools that may help your score get to 1 million, but here I am gonna tell you the legit method.

First of all, you need to send a snap to many people as possible. You can easily add people from add friends option which includes all your contacts and your contacts mutual friends.

Start sending and receiving the content from your friends and build snap streaks. More friends mean more engagement it and more engagement mean long snap streaks.

People usually prefer video streaks that keep them engaging so follow video content.
You can also follow other people’s streaks which also boosts your snap score.

Short Cut: How to boost my Snapchat score by 10,000 very fast

Add almost 200 to 300 people on Snapchat and then send them snaps, do not blast them with snaps altogether. As you will receive the snaps in return, you may have a snap score of more than 10000.

Disclaimer: If you’re overdoing the snapping it might get you banned.

Done! Feel free to comment down below for more quires

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