Best Ways To Change Your Google Profile Picture 2022 – FAQ

Do you use Google services as part of your workforce and wonder about the best ways to change your Google profile picture? If “yes,” then we’ve got you covered. As you probably know, all Google services require you to register a Google account before use.

Regardless of the services, sometimes users find it difficult to change or update their Google account profile picture. But it’s incredibly easy to do. Simply log in to your Google account and select “Personal Info” and then “Profile Pic”. Here you can upload your new profile picture from your PC, Google Photos, or a camera. You can also resize it if needed.

This blog post will explain how you can change your profile picture for your Google account using a desktop device or any smartphone.

How to Change Your Google Profile Picture on Desktop Windows

In order to change the profile picture, you have to access your Google account on a desktop browser like Chrome.

Change Your Google Profile Picture On Desktop Windows
  • Go to “” and log in with your Google account credentials.
  • On the main home page of the account, select “Personal info.”
  • Click on the “Profile Picture” located on the right side.
Upload profile photo
  • Select”Upload Photos” and then choose “Select photo from your computer.” You can also drag and drop the photo.
  • If you want to update your existing profile photo, then after clicking the profile picture, select “Change“, and you will have three options to choose from:
    • Google Photos.
    • Upload.
    • Camera.
  • Now, select the “upload” option, then tap “Choose photo to upload.”
  • Crop and rotate according to your preference and click on the “Save as profile picture” option.
Crop and rotate
  • After this, your profile will update after a few seconds. Sometimes it can take a little longer to update, so be patient.
  • Go to the Google search page with the logged-in profile and refresh the page a few times. This picture will represent your profile across the internet.
  • Done.
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Note: If your profile does not update after a few minutes, try to clear the cache & cookies of your browser to see immediate change. Sometimes it takes a few days before you see your new profile picture.

Profile Picture Is Uploaded, But Icon Photo Won’t Change?

Sometimes the profile picture does not get updated even after a few days. The main cause is the synchronization of the account. Follow the below steps to fix this issue:

Profile picture is uploaded but icon photo won't change?
  • Open the Chrome browser.
  • Tap on the “Three dots” and select the “Settings” option.
  • Now click on “Turn Off” in the profile section, as shown in the screenshot.
  • And turn it on again and see if that works.
  • Done.

Google says, “You can’t change the photo for this account.”

When you try to change the profile photo, you go to the manage profile page. If you get the above statement as shown in the screenshot below, this is due to your Directory Administrator controlling the change of information like name, profile photo, etc.

You can't change the photo for this account

If they allow it, you can easily change the required information for your account. Here’s how to do it:

Note: The administrator should keep your account in an organizational unit (set by department) or a configuration group (set for users across the departments).

  • Log in to the Google Admin Console with your Admin account, not your regular Gmail id.
  • On the Admin Console page, click Users.
  • Click on “More” and then “Allow users to edit profile,” located at the top-right corner.
  • Now to apply this setting to everyone, keep the top organizational unit selected. Or select a child organizational unit or a configuration group.
  • In the Profile editing section, select the information like name, photo, gender, and birthday to let users change them according to their needs.
  • Click on Continue, then Save.
  • Done.
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Changing Your Google Profile Picture On Android

  • Open the “Setting” option on your smartphone.
  • Scroll down and select the “Google Service” option.
  • Your Google account management page will open.
  • Click on “Manage Your Google Account.”
  • Navigate to the “Personal info” section.
  • Now under “Basic Info,” tap on the profile icon, then “Set profile photo“.
  • Select the option “Choose photo” to upload a photo.
  • Done.


Changing your profile picture shouldn’t be an issue if you follow the above instructions. Remember, you may have to adjust the size of the image, but Google will allow you to crop your photo before saving it. And if it doesn’t appear immediately, simply refresh the page or turn profile synchronization off and on to get things going. All in all, learning to change your Google profile picture is a relatively straightforward process.


My Profile Picture Is Not Changing on YouTube After It Changed on My Google Account?

To fix this issue, follow these simple steps:
* Open, tap “Profile,” and select the “Your channel” option.
* Now, click on the “Customize Channel” option.
* It will open your YouTube creator studio. In the dashboard, select the “branding” option.
* Under the Picture section, tap on the “Change” option.
* Upload the image as a profile picture.
* Done

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