How To Delete Stickers On Snapchat

If you’re struggling to delete unwanted stickers from your snaps, you might want to learn how to delete stickers on Snapchat. Snapchat snaps are incomplete without stickers. You can even design your customized stickers via Snapchat. You may even want to delete them from time to time. But how to do so?

To remove a sticker, you must first tap it and hold it. Then, drag the sticker away. The buttons will disappear as you drag the sticker around the screen, and you will see an icon for the trashcan. Once you have done that, drag the stickers to the trash icon, resulting in deleting those stickers.

Steps To Follow To Delete Stickers On Snapchat

Snap stickers are almost as easy to remove as they are to add. The following steps explain how to remove stickers.

  • First, you must tap and hold a sticker you wish to remove.
  • Now, you need to drag the sticker across the screen. Dragging the sticker around the screen will disappear all the buttons and reveal an icon for the trash.
  • After that, you need to drag the stickers over to the trash icon.
  • If you drag the sticker across the trash icon, the trashcan will become larger, and the sticker on its own will go transparent. Once that happens, you can release your finger.
  • You should no longer see the sticker, which means you have successfully deleted it.

By doing so, you can delete any sticker you want. It’s up to you how many stickers you can delete. 

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Following these steps, you can remove any sticker you put on a snap anytime. However, remember that you can’t undo deleting a sticker, but you can re-add it if necessary. 

To re-add it, tap the sticker icon and select the “clock” option. A list of your latest stickers will appear that you can select as per your desire.

Why Should You Delete Snapchat Stickers?

Taking and editing pictures is an essential aspect of creativity — even if it includes removing previous elements, such as stickers. 

When you only want to preview a sticker, it might be better to delete it. Also, when you delete a Snapchat sticker, you can search for a better alternative.

Another reason many Snapchat users want to remove the stickers is that stickers cover up too much of a picture or video. As a result, you can remove stickers from your phone to clear up too many images.


You can only delete customized stickers by following the above steps. However, it is not possible to remove Snapchat’s built-in stickers.

You cannot take stickers from the non-custom gallery even if you dislike them. Until Snapchat introduces new stickers, the existing ones will remain in the sticker gallery.

Nevertheless, Snapchat’s stickers are frequently changed based on current trends. You probably won’t have to see non-custom options once Snapchat introduces a new set of stickers.

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