What Does Bump Mean On Facebook?

If you’ve recently come across the phrase “Bump” on Facebook, you may wonder: What does “Bump” mean on Facebook? In fact, many people may be unsure what the phrase “Bump” means on Facebook. You may have stumbled upon it while browsing through a Facebook group. So, what does it mean?

If you’re on Facebook or another social media platform, you’ll see a “BUMP” reaction when a post has been shared. “Bumping” on Facebook may be an acronym for “Bring Up My Post”, but this was probably formed after the practice became widely known. In other words, more people are likely to view a post bumped to the top of a page.

Learn everything you need to know concerning bumping on Facebook and how to use it.

What Is Bumping?

Message forums are where the “bump” originated. The late 1990s and early 2000s saw a resurgence in the popularity of forums like these, which allowed people to build online communities around shared interests. 

There was a place for just about anything during this period, including computer programming and vinyl records. Frustrated by the lack of responses, newer users frequently raised the thread’s priority by “bumping.”

The phrase “bump” was initially defined in Urban Dictionary in January 2003. It was just a matter of time until bumping made its way to Facebook groups, where posts were previously ordered by date of creation. 

Communities, where individuals could purchase and sell products to each other, were a typical place for bumping. Bumping posts no longer have the effect they formerly had on Facebook’s algorithm.

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You might also use the term “refresh” or the symbol “^” in place of the term “bump.” Both of these options are acceptable alternatives.

Why Bump On Facebook?

This helps to shift the focus of other users to your previous post. For instance, if you are selling your products on the platform, it directs your potential customers to your previous post. It eliminates the need to repost your item multiple times.

What Does Bump Mean On Facebook?

The term “bump” refers to a user’s post or comment on the internet solely to draw further attention to the original topic being discussed. Before social media platforms like Facebook, Reddit, and other online forums, this was a typical occurrence only on message boards.

Informing a buddy about an event invitation or paperwork they must complete is totally fine. However, you should not use phrases such as “Bumping this up to the top of your inbox” in business e-mails. This is because some individuals find this grating and annoying.


A post boost may be beneficial, but it also has the potential to come across as harsh. This is especially true if you continually bring your post to the top of the thread. 

Usually, this kind of conduct is saved for a post that might benefit the community as a whole. For example, an administrator may bump a post to ensure that it is seen by all of the group’s participants if the group’s guidelines have been updated.

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