How To Unlink Phone Number From TikTok 

You’ve probably lost access to your TikTok number, and you’re now wondering how to unlink your phone number from TikTok. Good enough, there is a way to dissociate your irrelevant number from TikTok without a problem. You just need to follow an approach out of two options based on what you want. 

Unlike a phone number from TikTok, you can change it to a new one, thereby replacing it. However, if you want to remove a number permanently, you’ll have to write to TikTok. You can make a complaint from your account and explain what you want. TikTok will reply to your e-mail and prompt you to verify you’re the owner before unlinking. 

Do you want to get a better breakdown of these simple steps? Continue with this post for more information on unlinking your phone number from TikTok.

The Benefits of Linking Your Phone Number to TikTok 

The viral popularity of media sharing apps like TikTok is increased by using your phone number. These apps use your phone number to link your profile to people you know and suggest accounts to follow

On TikTok, when you sign up with your phone number, TikTok will recommend friends from your contact. This is in accordance with their privacy terms and after ensuring you’re above 16 years. If you don’t want this, you can opt-out.

When Should You Unlink Your Phone Number from TikTok?

Once you don’t have access to your number on social media, it’s best to cut off the connection. There are several ways you may have lost your number. Sometimes, it may be a result of issues from the network provider.

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Either way, ensure you don’t have a lost number connected to your TikTok account. You may be putting your account in danger. If the number gets into the wrong hands, they may use it to hack your account.

How to Unlink Your Phone Number from TikTok 

There are two approaches based on what you want to achieve:

1. Unlinking Your Number and Replacing It

You can use this process to unlink a previous number and replace it with a new one, thereby changing it. To do this, click on the profile icon to go to your profile. Click on the three dots at the top corner of the page.

Afterward, click on Settings and Privacy, then E-mail and Phone Number. Put in your new phone number and save it after verification to erase the old one.

2. Unlinking Your Number Permanently

If you want to delete the number permanently, go to your profile and click on the three dots at the corner for settings. Click on Report A Problem, then Account and Profile, and then on Phone Number/E-mail. Afterward, click on the ‘I want to change my associated number’ command.

On the next page, tap ‘NO’ and ‘Still Have a Problem.’ Now, you can write to TikTok telling them you don’t have access to the associated number. When they reply, they may first ask questions like your username, sign-up date, last login location, registered device, etc.

Wait for them to give a response and put the changes to effect.


Linking your phone number to TikTok is useful when you first join the platform. However, you may want to remove your phone number from the app at some point. You can do so by either replacing it or permanently removing it from your account. Always ensure you don’t take phone number issues for granted for your account’s safety.

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