ID Card Size In Pixels

Knowing an ID card size in pixels is vital for designing or printing ID cards. It ensures the card will be the correct size and resolution for printing or displaying on a screen.

Knowing the pixel size also helps avoid distortion or blurriness in the final product.

The standard size for an ID card in pixels is 300 pixels per inch (PPI). For a standard CR80 ID card, the pixel dimensions are 325 x 204.1 pixels.

Nevertheless, various printers and software may have different requirements. So, verify with your ID card maker for their suggested pixel dimensions.

The dimensions of a CR79 ID card are 317.5 x 196.5 pixels (width x height). The dimensions of the CR100 ID card are 377.9 pixels wide by 264.5 pixels high.

It is the largest of all three, allowing you to include more information in your ID card.

What Is The ID Card Size In Pixels?

The standard ID card size is 325px x 204.1px (3.375 in x 2.125 in). This is the card size for the CR80 ID card as set by the ISO for print.

It is also the card size used for credit cards, membership cards, library cards, and hotel key cards.

However, two other card sizes are also acceptable: the CR79 and the CR100. The smaller CR79 ID card is mainly used for access control or security.

The dimensions are 317.5 x 196.5 pixels (3.303 in x 2.051 in). Since they are small, they can be protected through lamination or an adhesive card holder since they are small.

The dimensions for the larger CR100 ID card are 377.9px x 264.5px (3.88 in x 2.63 in). It is the perfect ID card size for making information visible even from a distance.

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In contrast, the CR100-sized ID cards would be most beneficial for tradeshows and concerts.

Ideal ID Card Size For Business?

In business, it is crucial to have a document for identification. This is why it is essential to have a business ID card. There are various ID card sizes in pixels beside the CR80. 

You could either go for a plastic or a thick-paper bleed ID card: horizontal or vertical. For instance, the ID card size for bankers is 323.5 x 204 pixels.


ID cards are used for identification. The ideal ID card is the CR80 which is 325 x 204.1 pixels in size.

However, this doesn’t mean it is your best ID card option. Depending on your organization, your ID card size may be different.


1.) What Is The Correct ID Card Size For An Email?

The correct ID card size for an email is the standard 204.1 x 325 pixels. Or, you can use the 11.7 in x 8.3 in for A4.

Since an email ID card is vertical, you can pick another size that fits into the email.

2.) What Is The Ideal ID Card Size For You?

The ideal ID card size is the standard CR80 325 x 204.1 pixels. However, depending on the purpose of the ID card, you can use one that is either larger or smaller.

3.) What Is The Correct ID Card Size For Social Media?

The thickness of an ID card is calculated in millimeters, and 1 millimeter is equal to 0.001 inches. The standard thickness is 30 millimeters or 0.003 inches.

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