How To Insert A Drawing In Google Slides

If you’re not familiar with Google Slides, you may not know how to insert a drawing in Google Slides.

However, you can add a drawing without breaking a sweat if you know the proper steps. 

You can insert drawings into your Google Slides in two simple methods. Going to the Google Slides URL and drawing there is the first option.

The second is to draw on a professional drawing tool like Google Drawings or Corel Draw and later insert the image on Google Slides. Although the first method seems easier, the second method is ideal.

We will be taking a look at these two methods in this article.

How To Insert A Drawing In Google Slides

Let’s demonstrate how to attach an image to a Google Slides presentation.

Method 1: Draw Directly On Google Slide

Drawing directly in your Google slide is one method that’s easy to execute.

Step 1: Open a presentation you saved or create a new one.

  • Open your browser and head over to Google’s presentation URL.
  • Open any Google slide presentation that you had saved before. You can start a new presentation if you don’t have any presentation saved.

Step 2: Click on the Insert Menu and then click on Scribble

  • On the toolbar, click “Insert,” and it will open the Insert menu
  • Scroll down to “Line” on the menu. Then, click on it to open its drop-down menu. 
  • On that menu, select Scribble, the last item on the list.
  • Once you click Scribble, your mouse cursor will appear like a plus (+) sign, indicating that you can begin drawing.
  • To begin drawing, press and hold the mouse’s left button while dragging it.
  • Once the drawing is complete, you can release the mouse.
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Method 2

In this method, you draw on Google Drawings and later insert the image on Google Slides.

Step 1: Use Google Drawings

To do this:

Step 2: Obtain the image URL from Google Drawings

  • To obtain the image and its link from Google Drawings, click the “File” menu and then “Publish to the Web.” This will open a panel on your screen. 
  • The URL of your image is right below “Image Size” on that panel. Highlight the URL and copy it.

Step 3: Choose “Highlight Image by URL”

  • Head over to Google Slides again and click “Insert.” 
  • Once the menu opens, head to “Image” and select the option tagged “By URL.” 
  • On the “Insert Image” panel that opens, paste the link you initially copied from Google Drawings.
  • Once you click “Insert,” your image from Google Drawings will be added to your presentation on Google Slides. You can then modify your drawing as you wish.


Google Slides helps you create presentation slides for official use. If you have ever wondered how to insert a drawing on Google Slides, the information in this article will help. You can now confidently give your presentation at the next meeting. 


1.) How Can I Copy-paste Drawings To Another Slide?

Simply right-click on the drawing and select Copy. Then, head over to the next slide and right-click on a blank space. Finally, click “Paste,” and your image will be on the slide.

2.) Is Drawing Objects In Google Drawings Better Than Inserting Drawings Into A Slide?

Yes. It is ideal to use professional drawing apps like Google Drawings since they have more drawing tools.

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After all, your image can be inserted into your Google presentation when you are done.

3.) How Can I Draw Straight Lines In Google Slides?

Click Insert to open the menu. Click Line to open a drop-down menu. Finally, click either Polyline, Elbow Connector, Line, or Arrow to draw a straight line.

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