Guest Posting: The Definitive Guide (2023) – Everything You Need To Know

Now that SEO specialists are actively looking for new promotion methods, it is essential to remember guest posting, a proven and effective strategy.

You will easily find on the Internet the best practices that demonstrate this method’s high performance and benefits in obtaining quality backlinks and improving visibility in Google and other search engines.

You can use Collaborator to get the most benefit quickly, which provides support and assistance with guest posting. Collaborator will help your site reach a new level with Guest Posting.

What Is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is a process of finding suitable, quality Internet resources and publishing content on them to get backlinks to your site.

According to Ahrefs, 57% of website owners use this way to obtain backlinks. 87% write their texts and search for a suitable platform to link to.

We encounter guest posting daily when we read reviews, press releases, or articles with links to a specific web resource.

It shows that since link builders and SEO experts use guest posting to improve the site’s quality and increase visibility in search results, it does work. Why not give it a try to reach your SEO and promotional goals?

TOP-3 Goals Of Publishing Guest Posts On High-DA Websites

Here are three main goals you can accomplish with guest posts.

1. Improving SEO

Each backlink your website receives from another quality web resource is a “+1” to increase the credibility of Google algorithms and other search engines.

Accordingly, the more you receive such quality backlinks, the higher the probability that your site will rise in search results for relevant queries.

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2. Audience Engagement

That’s the “two-in-one” goal:

  • By interacting with quality, relevant sites, you tell new users about your brand;
  • You also increase the loyalty of old clients and can even return old users with whom you have lost contact. 

Thus, guest posting will help to expand your target audience and make them closer to you.

3. Effective Collaboration

Most often, guest publications in reliable and known sources — are only the beginning of fruitful cooperation, which aims to improve the performance of sites from the position of “win-win.”

The simplest is further peer reviews of products or services. It can also lead to sharing experiences, knowledge, and unique partnership opportunities.

How To Write A Guest Post That Drives Results

Get below a simple checklist of how to use guest posting effectively.

Identify A Target Audience

The first thing you need to know to choose the most suitable donor site is the basic information about your target audience:

  • Gender;
  • Age range;
  • Geography;
  • Related subjects.

This information will help you find the right sites to get result-driven backlinks.

Find an Engaging Topic to Cover

Once you have accurately identified the face of your target audience, create a list of those it is interested in. The correct way is to find the answers to the following questions:

  • What is your strength?
  • What benefits will your target audience get from interacting with you?
  • Why do your customers choose you over the competition?

A few years ago, a Quora Reader asked, “How do I find out unique topics for guest posting?” he scored 200+ answers from professionals, from marketers to business analysts.

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In addition, you can find interesting tips on this issue from ChatGPT.

Define Content Specifications

At this stage, you need to determine the type of future content and the goals you set for it as precisely as possible. It will help you:

  • keyword research;
  • choosing the text size;
  • adding additional content: video, images, statistics, and other data.

You also need to define do-follow and no-follow links to add them to the technical assignment for content creation.

Create High-Quality Content

We do not recommend writing a simple “passing” article. It should interest the reader and answer the main question: “How will your business help him now?”

It could be:

  • a press release with information about your site;
  • unique statistical data;
  • infographics, etc.

Post Your Content On Relevant & Trusted Websites

You only have to find the relevant site to post your content. And although there are many such online resources, you need to find a reliable one.

Next, you need to find the contact information of its manager or owner and agree with them on the placement of your content.

It can also be done using special platforms, such as Collaborator, that offer a catalog of websites accepting guest posts and press releases.

How To Use Collaborator for Guest Posting

Use the Collaborator platform to implement your guest posting strategy as effectively as possible.

  • Many websites available in the catalog offer copywriting services for an additional cost. So if you choose one of them for your project, you can order to create unique text content directly on the platform. Specify text requirements, get quality content, and have it published in time.
  • There are 19,000+ reliable sites on the Collaborator platform, among which you will find suitable donors for your website.
  • Using a convenient catalog filter, you can see all metrics provided by Ahrefs, Serpstat, and Similarweb for every site without paying a penny and choose only quality donors.

The Collaborator will always ensure your content from deletion and that it works throughout the placement period.

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You can arrange for placements and additional options directly inside the platform without going to other tabs, text messaging, and email. 

In addition, you’ll enjoy the benefits and services of Collaborator for free. Pay only 10% of the order amount without hidden fees.

Final Thoughts

Guest posting is among the top 3 most needed SEO promotion strategies. Above, we reviewed the following:

  • what guest posting is, 
  • the goals and benefits of this strategy;
  • a checklist for creating an excellent guest posting strategy.

If you want to implement guest posting effectively and avoid pitfalls, you can use the Collaborator platform.

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