How To Undelete Blog Post On Blogger 2022: Full Guide

Want to know what to do, when you deleted your blog by mistake and looking for how to undelete blog or recover its post? In this post, we will discuss how you can recover or undelete blog.

The most famous question amounts to the publisher or content creator who using a blogger that “How to undelete blog”.Now the platform of blogger does not provide a direct recovery option but does provide the backup option.

Since we know that “Prevention is better than Cure” so you should be making backups or at least start making backups onward when you get your posts back.

But when accidents happen their nothing you can do much. It takes hours of hard work to write an SEO-friendly post. Although it never about the quantity of blog posts every single week, it is about the quality. Professional content creators spend their time to put quality content over their websites.

Can we restore or undelete blog?

Blogger provided by Google with an encrypted system, their no one outside can delete your content, maybe someone on your team deleted it by mistake and Blog spot does not provide any trash folder for you to undo your deletion. But there are ways to undo the deletion under the 90 days time period, Google stores the content of your blog for 90 days on their server for you to restore when needed. It is simple to restore when a blog is deleted in a normal way cause of the restoration process provided by google.

Below are the steps to follow:

  • Open the Blogger Dashboard with the same account.
  • If you multiple blogs with one account, you have navigated to the deleted blog.
  • You will see the above option in the screenshot.
  • Click on the option of undelete.
  • If you want to delete the blog for permanent. Click on Permanently delete.
  • Now the blog is back to its original position.
As we told this process only works if you have not permanently deleted your blog or restoration happens within 90 Days period.

In that case, we have the following method you can follow to undelete blog.

Four Method that can help us to recover the blog post and pages. We will show you the four methods one by one.

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  • Google Web cache
  • Blogger draft post
  • Way back machine
  • Feed burner

There is a certain condition when using methods and when everything is alright you can fully recover the deleted post.

# Undelete Blog with Google Web Cache

Google web cache is the process in which you publish an article and google webmaster automatically index the content and create a cache version. Whenever you update and change anything google updates cache too. The whole process is done by google crawler.

Every time you post something as per your frequency of posting, the crawler will come and index it on the servers, and if your post is an index or crawled we can restore it with Web cache.

Google Indexing Time for New Pages?

Every website has a certain crawl budget, a new website has less so a crawler has some limitations for you. It also depends on the frequency of content posting. If you post the content on a daily basis crawler will crawl the website immediately.

The huge website they post on the basis of hours and get crawl with a couple of hours. The crawler has a proper idea about the posting time of these websites.

A cached version of a deleted blog post.

In order to find the web cached version of the deleted post, find the web cache URL.

  1. Enter the Google search engine and type + deleted post title.
  2. If you already know the deleted post URL type cache:DeletedBlogPostURL in order to directly come up with the cached version.
  3. After the search query, + deleted post title, Google will show all the indexed and cached versions of the post. Select the deleted blog post from the list.
Undelete Blog with Google Web Cache
  1. Click the drop-down arrow button around the left side of the post permalink and hit on Cached to load the page in the Google user content window.
  2. For now, you found the deleted version of the post. Copy all the content of the blog and paste it in the office for the use in future. Below is the way to publish the cache version of the blog post.
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How to Publish the cached version of a deleted post

Now you can simply copy the whole content and post it to the blogger. But in this way, you will not get the traffic and engagement you made with that post in the past. You have to get the original traffic and comments plus engagement like the original post.

You will need to restore the blog post with the same original permalink which is indexed in the search engine.

  • Open the cached version of the web-page in another window and hit CTRL U or Right-click view page sources.
  • Now find the post ID. Click Ctrl+F on the opened cached page, a search bar will open. Enter the post ID, copy the post id.
How to Publish the cached version of a deleted post
  • Now for the redirection, you have to replace post ID.
  • Open the blogger and select or create the post on which you want to paste post id.
  • Go to the visual editor. Go to the address bar a find the post id and replace it with the post ID of the cached version post.
  • Save and enter key and post editor will the cached version blog post.
  • Now the final step you have published and do some change if you want and make it live over the internet again.

# Undelete Blog with Blogger draft post

This method helps in the recovery of the post but only possible if haven’t cleared your browsing history. In this method, we will use your browsing history to get recovery.

Below steps to recover the deleted draft post:

  • Open the Chrome browser press Ctrl+H or Shift+Ctrl+H to view your browsing history.
  • Your browsing history opened up, you can look up and search for a drafted blog post or edited post.
  • Open up the drafted blog post. It can show you all content including the images of deleted drafted post.

Now you have to copy all the content in the HTML editor and post the content where ever you want to update it. You can paste the content into a new blog post.

# Undelete Blog with Feed Burner

Most of the publishers use Google Feed Burner to reach their audience to deliver the product information. But also has the ability to retrieve the deleted blog post.

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When the post the content on your blogger, the Google Feed burner creates a backup version of a blog post. The Feed burner associated with the blogger will store it. In order to access you have to visit the address of the feed burner of your blogger post.

Inside the Google Feed burner, you will able to find all the listed blog post content.

Disclaimer: This method will enable you to work if the setting of your blogger feed is set to Allow blog feed to Short and Until Jump Break. You can not recover the data with these settings.

# Undelete Blog with Way Back Machine – Internet Archive

If you tried all the above methods but still struggles to undelete the blog this one method might help you. Use this method to undo your deleted blog post.

You can find the deleted blog post in the Way Back machine aka internet archive. An internet archive is the database of digital content over the internet, people use for various purposes. It basically stores all the file which is deleted from the internet permanently.

Search the deleted content on by entering the URL of the post in the search bar and browse all the history. The internet archive contains all kinds of content like books, movies, and articles, there is a reason Way-back machine called it can show the web page starting from the existence to the end of the page.

On the other way, you can also use Cached View of any web page or website through multiple cached versions like Google Web cache, Coral Web Cache, Cache.


All the above methods are working best and we provided the step-step procedure on how to undelete blog that was deleted permanently.

Use any of the above methods at your comfort to recover the deleted blog. Comment down below if you have any queries. We hope you like the content and use it completely undelete the post.

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