How To Unarchive Messages On Messenger

If you’ve archived Messenger messages accidentally, you’ll need to know how to unarchive messages on Messenger to retrieve them. Messenger lets users hide their messages from the main chat list using archive options. Though archiving a chat is easy, users usually struggle when they want to unarchive it. 

So, how does one retrieve a message they’ve archived on Messenger? Open the Messenger app. By entering the names in the search section, search for people whose chats you want to remove from your archived list. Click on their profile. Then send that person a message. By doing so, you can unarchive any chat on your Messenger.

How to Unarchive Messages on Messenger

You can easily unarchive your messages and chat on Messenger by following the steps. 

Method 1: Unarchive Messages on Mobile

If you use the Messenger app, you can unarchive the chat in the following way. 

  • Go to your Messenger app.
  • In the search section, enter the name of the person whose chat you want to unarchive from your archived list. 
  • Click on the pop-up profile only once.
  • Then send a message to that person, which will ultimately unarchive it. 

In this way, you successfully unarchived any archive conversation.

Method 2: Unarchive Message on Desktop

Here is how to unarchive messages on the desktop. 

  • Open your desired web browser and visit
  • Login to your Facebook account, then click on the “Messenger” icon. 
  • Tap on the “See all Messenger options” below the chat screen. 
  • Tap on “Settings.”
  • After that, click “Hidden Chats.” 
  • Now select “Archived Chats” and find the person you want to unarchive. 
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The message will automatically get unarchived once you send a message to the recipient. It is one of the practical solutions to unarchive the chat even if you have forgotten the person’s name. 

However, remember that there’s no way to unarchive messages on Facebook Messenger without sending a message. 

Benefits of Unarchiving Messages on Messenger

If you wish to hide specific threads of messages, you should use archive. It will also help you keep your Messenger looking clean without deleting any conversations. 

It may have happened to you that you have accidentally hidden your messages by archiving them and don’t know how to unhide them. 

Well, the unarchive option will help you do so. It is simple to unarchive your chat using the unhide option if you know the process.  


There can be several reasons for archiving your messages, such as encrypted messages or regular conversations. Archiving doesn’t do anything apart from hiding your chat from the main chat list. 

It is beneficial to archive and unarchives chats in Messenger. By following the above methods, you can delete someone’s archived messages from Messenger so that they will appear in your main list of chats.

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