How To Unsnooze Someone On Facebook?

If you have accidentally snoozed someone, you might wonder how to Unsnooze someone on Facebook? You can temporarily hide posts from your friends and pages using the Snoozing feature. You might want to Unsnooze someone if you unintentionally snoozed them. But how to do so?

The first step is to launch the Facebook app. Then, click on the three lines at the bottom right. After that, click on “Settings & Privacy.” Click on “Settings.” You must go to the preferences menu and click “News Feed.” After that, choose “Snooze.” Choose the “End Snooze” button. By doing so, you can Unsnooze any person or page you have previously snoozed.

How To Unsnooze Someone On Facebook

The following are some methods for Unsnoozing someone on Facebook.

Method 1: Unsnoozing Someone Using Smartphone

Unsnoozing your desired page or person will become easier if you have a Facebook App installed on your smartphone. Here is how.

  • First, you have to open the Facebook app.
  • After that, at the bottom right, click on the three lines.
  • Then go to the “Settings & Privacy” option.
  • From there, choose “Settings.”
  • Navigate to Preferences and select the “News Feed” option.
  • Then, press “Snooze.”
  • Tap the ‘End Snooze’ option.

Snoozing someone will prevent you from receiving updates from them for 30 days. Please note that this is a temporary feature that you will only be able to use for 30 days. Upon completing the 30 days, you will again receive updates about them.

Method 2: Unsnoozing Someone Through Desktop

If you prefer to use Facebook via the web browser on your desktop, you will have to follow slightly different steps. Here is how to Unsnooze someone through the desktop.

  • First, go to and access the “More” icon.
  • Choose ‘Settings & Privacy’ from there.
  • Go to the ‘News Feed Preferences’ section.
  • Then, select ‘Snooze.’
  • There you will locate a clock icon. Clicking on it will allow you to Unsnooze.
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Using the snooze feature on Facebook prevents you from receiving notifications from snoozed people or pages. The snooze feature is temporarily available and will end after 30 days. 

But, sometimes, you might want to reverse this change and continue to receive updates from someone before the 30 days have passed. 

As a result, you will need to manually Unsnooze the person. Therefore, I have added some easiest methods to Unsnooze someone on Facebook.

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