How Entrepreneurs Can Benefit From WhatsApp Business

Are you thinking about using WhatsApp Business but unsure if it’s worthwhile?  It makes sense that you would want to understand what you will get from it before engaging in it.

In more than 100 countries, WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, has become the most widely used text messaging software. More than two billion people use it regularly. It introduced WhatsApp Business in 2018.

The WhatsApp Business App was created with a business owner in mind and is available for free download. To showcase your goods and services, you can make a catalog. A business model canvas, email or physical addresses, a website, and other options are available for your business profile.

Companies that want their team to manage WhatsApp chats among numerous team members use the WhatsApp Business API because the WhatsApp Business app only allows one individual to operate the WhatsApp app. You can scale your discussions and manage more clients and leads at once with WhatsApp Business API.

What Is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp provides businesses wishing to connect with clients on the WhatsApp network with an app and/or API, which are both called WhatsApp Business.

The WhatsApp Business App was created for small-scale entrepreneurs who receive few support requests, just enough to keep them busy without necessitating the hiring of a customer support staff. The WhatsApp Business app can be installed on a single device, making it ideal for a hardworking entrepreneur who is starting to grow their business.

An Application Program Interface (API) for WhatsApp Business is available for enterprise, commercial, and bigger SMB teams handling more customer demands. For support teams who are expanding and have exceeded the WhatsApp Business mailbox, the API is intended.

What Distinguishes WhatsApp Business From WhatsApp API?

Specific To WhatsApp Business:

  • Has two service tiers that are designed to uniquely meet the needs of small and large organizations. The two are very different in terms of characteristics and abilities.

    A given WhatsApp Business account can be used by many agents or brand advisors to talk to consumers, from the number of chats you can have at once to automation.

  • Has a unique setup, approval, and management needs.

  • Provides the chance to use other channels, like e-mail, to contact and connect with more clients on WhatsApp. Facebook ads, a link, buttons on the website, and IVR on the phone.

  • Has established guidelines for how and when you can communicate with clients, what services and products you may use it for, and how you should interact with them over their whole lifecycle.
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Small businesses with a major requirement for 1-on-1 client communication are the target audience for the WhatsApp Business App.

Larger brands (Corporate level) that require a complete business suite that smoothly integrates with their various channels and data should use the WhatsApp Business API.

Why A Company’s Marketing Plan Should Include Messaging Apps

The social message phenomena have fundamentally changed how consumers engage with companies, and this transformation is just gaining speed.

Others are only beginning their journey, but many brands have adopted social communication and incorporated it into their marketing and customer service strategies to address a variety of consumer engagement and service demands. Zendesk’s 2021 customer interaction trends study states that in 2020, the number of customer service tickets sent over WhatsApp increased by 101%.

There are a few key advantages of WhatsApp for your business, which will motivate you and your stakeholders to make the switch if your brand belongs to the latter category.

  • View the world from your customer’s perspective.

  • Create “wow” moments to increase client retention and loyalty

  • Even at scale, be personal

  • Discover insights to guide plans for sales, branding, customer support, and products

  • Prepare teams for success

Ways WhatsApp Business Can Help Small Enterprises and Independent Business Owners

The advantages of WhatsApp Business fall into three main categories:

  • It is the most popular messaging service, and it expands your market.

  • WhatsApp provides chances for marketing and customer service that enhance the user experience.

  • WhatsApp allows you to communicate directly with your connections efficiently and flexibly.

Advantages Of WhatsApp Business

  • The most widely used texting app already

  • At any time, any place, you can contact individuals

  • Private and personal

  • Secure and reliable

  • Various and engaging content forms

  • Two-way communication is supported

  • An approach to enhancing your multichannel strategy

  • Automated answers to client inquiries

  • Send more pertinent marketing communications

Advantages Of WhatsApp Business API

  • Interactive communication: Businesses can send messages with a twist using WhatsApp Business. Many interactive elements, such as group formation, display photographs, status, and stories.

  • Better customer relations: Every firm, regardless of its industry, strives to improve its communication with its clients.

  • Secure system: When you send messages using a WhatsApp API, “business profiles” will only be created after WhatsApp has confirmed your business accounts and will be specific to each organization.

  • Direct interaction between businesses and customers is possible thanks to WhatsApp’s Business API.
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Customers may identify the specific sender of messages using the WhatsApp Business customized profile function, which is another advantage over SMS.

Ignoring unwanted texts has increasingly become the default setting for many clients. Customers using WhatsApp Business, on the other hand, know precisely who is contacting them instead of receiving a text message from an unspecified number.

That promotes trust and discourages spam. You can explore WhatsApp’s capabilities, which are richer and more interactive than those of conventional channels like SMS and email.

Small enterprises and independent entrepreneurs can benefit from WhatsApp Business, a free entry-level offering. WhatsApp Business API, a premium service that can aid a sales force, will be more valuable to larger businesses.

What Is A Chatbot For WhatsApp?

First things first: a chatbot is not available by default using the WhatsApp Business API. Having said that, there are numerous third-party tools available to you if you’re a Business API user and want to create a WhatsApp chatbot.

A few customer support software vendors will provide chatbot and WhatsApp Business API services. For instance, Zendesk allows for the quick and easy creation of bots without the need for scripting.

What Benefits Do WhatsApp Chatbots Offer?

The quick and simple response? Your company’s efforts to scale its client service operations may benefit from the time that it can spare your customer service representatives.

Customers can be directed to useful FAQs and relevant goods and services by a WhatsApp Business chatbot. It can even automate some alerts and reminders. Most significantly, it can still offer some level of assistance to clients beyond business hours and on weekends.

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Additionally, WhatsApp Business chatbots can assist consumers with transactions, point them in the direction of the right department, and other duties that don’t require human interaction.


Just WhatsApp Business API subscriptions are capable of CRM integration. It should be noted that WhatsApp API is merely an API. Since it lacks an interface, sending and receiving WhatsApp messages requires a connection to a CRM or corporate messaging platform.

With WhatsApp CRM Integration, you may provide potential clients and/or customers a catalog, photographs, location, documentation, audio, video files, and more based on their most recent interactions with your team. This is a fantastic approach to advance them through the sales process and raise your conversion rate.

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