Reasons To Use WordPress As A CMS

WordPress is the most popular and widely used CMS (content management system) today. Since it was released back in 2003, it has gained steady power with millions of sites on the internet. It is attracting more and more users every day. 

Initially, it was the tool of choice for bloggers only. But not anymore. WordPress has a lot of features that can benefit anyone. It has complete functionality to host anything from an e-commerce store to an international platform with heavy traffic. It has tools and resources that are unmatched by other CMSs.

Let’s see the main advantages of using the WordPress CMS platform and why you should consider it for your site. Here are five very good reasons. 

1. WordPress Is A Very Convenient And Easy-to-use

If you are not an IT or a tech person, you might be intimidated by the idea of building your website, especially in the very beginning. But WordPress makes the process straightforward.

It is a tool created with bloggers and writers as the first target audience, not developers and other pros. It has a user-friendly backend that you can leverage without a degree in Information Sciences. 

Another advantage is that the user base and array of user forums are so vast that you practically will not have an unanswered question or issue. You need to head to a forum or a manual, and you will get your answer or solution.

You can tap into many free tutorials, courses, videos, and discussion boards. This way, your expertise and knowledge grow, as does your skill in managing your WordPress website. 

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This is an entirely free-of-charge, open-source platform that millions of people use daily. 

2. You Have A Plugin For All Your Needs

There is practically no feature that is not covered by the many WordPress plugins available in the plugin store, from Google Analytics to professional-looking forms to newsletter tools. 

The variety of plugins has exceeded the astonishing number of 54,000. Most of them are either free or have a free version. Those that come with a price tag are pretty inexpensive and very useful. 

You can use plugins to directly integrate your social media accounts to boost your site performance and optimize its looks.  

However, be careful with plugins, as they can disrupt your site if they are not well-written or contain some bugs, errors, or malicious software. WordPress is an open-source platform, so anyone can develop a plugin. Do thorough research before choosing your plugin.

3. It Is Easy To Find Hosting For Your WordPress Siteplatform

WordPress is the platform of choice of many businesses, and many hosting providers offer convenient WordPress packages for every need. It is easier than ever to find hosting for your WordPress site. 

Check different hosting providers and see the solutions you can use for your site. 

The best feature of all these packages is that they are scalable, and you can grow your website gradually and conveniently. You can start with a small package and expand it as your business develops.

4. With WordPress, You Can Optimize Your Website Easily

Doing SEO has never been so easy as it is with WordPress. You need to install a plugin, like YOAST SEO, for free. 

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Then, all that’s left to do is follow the step-by-step suggestions and optimize your posts, pages, and content. When you do, you learn how to perform SEO quickly and without hassle.

This way, you save tons of money from fees to marketing agencies and produce content that gets a high ranking in search results.

5. You Get A Myriad Of Customizable Themes

WordPress offers a great choice of themes that enable your site to function excellently in your chosen niche. 

Most of them are free to download and use. Some premium themes are excellent for professionals and advanced businesses. 

Both free and premium options are readily available at the click of a button. You can get a live preview and install your theme quickly and easily. 

Head to the themes directory and find the most suitable theme for your website.


WordPress is a very convenient CMS for beginners and advanced users alike. It has a full range of functionalities that will meet your expectations and needs. You get a sea of resources regarding plugins, themes, and informational materials concerning the CMS. 

You also get professional marketing tools that you can integrate directly into your websites, such as SEO tools or newsletters. So, head to your backend and start exploring the endless possibilities WordPress can offer your website. 

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