What Is User Onboarding And How To Benefit From It

The amount of attention you give user onboarding should be very high because the benefits you receive from it are numerous. In other words, user onboarding is the same as when you welcome someone to an event, your home, etc. 

In other words, user onboarding turns new customers into loyal ones, but everyone doesn’t pay enough attention to the onboarding process. 

Let’s not waste any more time because in this article, we will dive deep and see the numerous benefits of user onboarding and what we can expect from it. 

What Is User Onboarding? 

User onboarding is the process of showing your customers the value of your product or service as quickly as possible. 

User onboarding is more commonly used in the SaaS world and products. In short, user onboarding clarifies why customers need to use a certain product and makes them quickly learn what kind of value your product is delivering to them. 

The user journey begins when a user starts using your product, signs up on your website, and goes through the Aha moment!” This is the moment they see the value proposition of your product and how it may improve their life.

Why Is User Onboarding important? 

With the increased demand for high-quality products, user onboarding is getting just as difficult as it once was. Therefore, it’s quite important to stay competitive regarding user experience and try your best to provide an excellent user onboarding process. 

More than having a product that is easy to use is required because whenever each user goes through a welcome guide that has a learning curve. Therefore, the faster you can make them learn more about your product, the better it’s for you.

Hence, if your learning curve time is prolonged, it will cause users to abandon your product or service and only get more confused throughout the process. 

The main idea is that the users gain enough value as soon as possible so they don’t start thinking they’ve spent too much time on an app. It’s obvious that once users realize this, they will uninstall the app or not pay much attention to it. 

Furthermore, throughout in-depth research that we made, our favorite user onboarding experiences include the following: 

  • Product tours 
  • Progress bars 
  • Checklists 
  • Action-driven tooltips 
  • A warm welcome message, etc 
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What Are The 8 Benefits Of User Onboarding? 

1. Increases Engagement Levels 

When your user onboarding process is interactive, user engagement levels automatically go up, making many things easier for you. In addition, engagement levels allow you to identify the best parts and benefits of your product or service. 

Without an onboarding process, users will have to figure things out independently and might even miss out on key features. In addition, a lack of onboarding process will result in users not engaging with your product soon enough. The user onboarding process helps increase engagement levels; a user tries to learn more about the product during the process. 

Onboarding doesn’t need to be a complicated process. You can consider adding a checklist or progress bar to simplify the process and make it look much more interesting to your users. 

As for products that are more complicated to learn, the onboarding process can become much more difficult. Consider creative ways to make it more interesting, such as bonuses, badges, etc. 

2. Increases Conversion Rates 

Conversion rates are one of the most important metrics for any SaaS company. Newer customers decide on a purchase within the first few minutes. For this reason, you should never leave your customers to think for too long during these first few minutes because it will greatly impact their purchase decision. 

To solve this problem much quicker, you can use user onboarding tools to help increase your conversion rates with much less effort. In addition, a well-set up and designed product tour can increase your level of success for fully engaging users. 

3. Employees Are Better Prepared 

During an onboarding process, training new employees is a crucial part of the process of integrating employees into the job as quickly as possible. 

On the other hand, if your product or service is designed for corporate use, it may take months for a new hire to adapt to new software or how a new business operates. However, remember that these delays will decrease productivity levels and even increase errors within a task. 

It’s the same story when you want to hire a new team member to work on your software product. But, of course, it’s always helpful when your team knows what they need to work on to provide a powerful user experience, disregarding their job position. 

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4. Increases Retention Rate 

It doesn’t matter which industry you are in. If you can’t set up the right onboarding process, customers won’t want to return to your product ever again. There are four primary reasons why customers will do this: 

  • Users will find your product difficult to use
  • Your product doesn’t meet the right requirements 
  • Your users are using another product 
  • Your users don’t need your product 

Your users will find your product challenging to use once users aren’t appropriately onboarded. This isn’t good because it can ruin long-term relationships between you and your customer. You don’t want to make your users perform extensive research to figure out how your product should be used. 

Statistics show that the right onboarding process can improve employee retention by 82%. Therefore, it also increases customer loyalty, user engagement and product adoption speed. 

5. Increases Product Adoption 

Competitors will release similar digital products with new features to meet customer needs and improve the value they provide for users.

However, the proper user onboarding process will attract users to your product when you offer new features compared to your rivals or when users can learn your value proposition much faster than theirs. 

However, don’t let this fool you into thinking you can be successful with a low-quality product. You can release your own new features to improve your product. What are some other good ideas for improving the onboarding process?

You can consider setting up product guides and tours for the new features you introduce, making product adoption much easier. 

6. Reduces Customer Support Costs 

Customer service officers always have to answer the same questions over and over that are related to the product. However, doing this might take lots of their time because user onboarding provides you with helpful tips on how customers can use a product and how much the customer support cost will be. 

Reducing customer support costs is effective whenever you are using reusable onboarding flows. Always consider doing this and costs will dramatically go down. 

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7. Increases Customer Satisfaction 

It’s quite obvious that acquiring a new user might be quite difficult whenever you try to engage and retain existing users based on the way your business is growing. So, what is the best way to achieve it? It’s all about having great user onboarding. 

Whenever you users feel welcome and valued, it’s quite easy for them to navigate through an app to find features they are looking for. Whenever users are experienced with this, they are already satisfied from the first interactions. By doing this, they don’t have any reason for abandoning the product and will keep using it with pleasure and loyalty. 

8. Saves You Training Resources And Reduces Costs 

When we talk about user onboarding, you might think that it won’t have as much of an impact on your budget or resources. However, this isn’t entirely true, because the newer employees who join your team will always feel confused if the employee onboarding process is set up properly. 

Same goes for product users, if the user onboarding process isn’t well set up, customers won’t be able to understand why or how they should use your product. In this case, it means you need to spend more resources for acquiring users in several ways. 

By properly onboarding users, you will keep them for the long-term, so even if you don’t have that many customers, many of them will stay and keep using your product because they saw its value quickly enough from the very beginning. 

The Summary Of This Article 

That’s about it for this article. We got to learn more about what user onboarding is and how much it impacts our everyday lives in the business world. Now, it’s time to put all of these words into practice and make sure that you are setting a good first impression and effectively communicating your value proposition. 

Furthermore, not only is user onboarding important for your product or service, but also for your employees. It’s vital you also leave a good first impression for newcomers, so they can feel that warm welcome at your company! 

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