How To Change Permalink in Blogger for Published Post

When you put out a ton of content and post in blogger and do not know about the value of search engine optimization, we can assure you that permalinks are really important for SEO.

Publishers use custom permalinks especially for ranking the content on a particular keyword cause the google bot crawler starts crawling content by permalink. Search engines quickly crawl the content fast. Therefore it is important to learn about them properly.

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Explain Permalink?

According to Yoast “The permalink is the full URL you see – and use – for any given post, page or other pieces of content on your site, hence the name permalink.

The most definition says “Permalink or we can say the permanent link for the post which kept unchanged for years”. In order words, a permalink is the main URL of a particular blog post

What is another name for Permalink?

Another name for the permalink is the permanent link URL of the page. It is called that way cause once published it remains the same way throughout the lifetime of the blog page.

Does Permalink affect SEO?

There are many factors on which SEO depends, one of them is permalinks. However the permalinks are not the top things to do when it comes to SEO, but still, have a direct impact on the ranking.

How to set up the custom permalink?

When you write the content, do everything perfectly, and ready to publish the post online, you have to look out for an option “Permalink” from the editor sidebar. Select the custom radio button on that option.

set up the custom permalink

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Now the easy way is to simply copy the headline of the post in the edit section, but keep in mind to put the focus keyword in the permalink to get full of its potential.

Now there are some things to keep in mind when editing the permalink:

  • You have to enter “-” manually in a custom permalink between every keyword.
  • Remove the Stop Words from your permalink. The list of Stop Words is here.

These are stop words that search ignores every time someone puts their permalinks. Search engine tends to skip the stop words to save time and resource and crawling speed.

How to Change Permalink in blogger of Published Post

I think you already know that you can not change the permalink of the published posts in blogger. So in order to change we have to follow the steps:

Change Permalink in blogger of Published Post

  • Revert back the published post to draft.
  • Copy the permalink somewhere, we going to need that and do whatever changes you want in the permalink of the post.
  • Now republish the post again.

Redirection of the Permalink

You have published the post with the new permalink. But that old permalink was indexed properly in google and might have some traffic over the internet through the shared links.

We have to redirect the old permalink to the new permalink in order to save the traffic and avoid the indexing issue. Also if we don’t redirect the users they will land upon a 404 error page.

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  • Go to Blogger Setting > Errors and redirects then click on the option Custom redirects.
Custom redirects
  • Click On Add if it is the first redirect of a particular post.
Redirection of the Permalink
  • Two edit box will popup named From: and To:
Blogger redirect
  • Just insert the links as shown in the screenshot.
  • Do not include your domain name in the insert box, just use the highlighted text. For example-
  • Enable Permanent. Hit Ok.

Why Change To New Permalinks?

Since the permalinks won’t be inside the blog post most publishers do not even care to maintain them properly. Some don’t even consider that they a bit effect on their Search engine optimation and SERPs ranking. But it is really important to keep the alignment of permalinks in check.
Now, you know how to do it exactly.
There are some mistakes people do often and you can heck previously posted content for this particular mistake.
  • You are using the underscore(_) instead of dashes(-): As I told you to do so, in search engine language the dashes are more accurately indicates the gap between keyword that why we should use it.
  • URL is little longers: The URL of the blog post should not be longer. A concise URL is always better.
  • Never use the stop words. Try to avoid it as much as possible.
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