Sendinblue Review 2020 – Alternative For Mailchimp?

As being in the digital marketing industry, this email marketing system was created to have sophisticated support for small online business owners and also comes under their budget. So here comes the Sendinblue review.

The top and most comprehensive feature of the set includes CRM, marketing automation, transactional emails, SMS, landing pages also you can run Facebook ads with a re-targeting campaign.

It also offers you crafting of landing pages, all these tools with such extreme competitive pricing show that This tool is willingly trying to be a huge giant in the email marketing space and trying to serve the lower percentage of the market. Customers with WordPress sites can also be happy cause it has its own WordPress plugin.

Sendinblue seems to be very successful in arrival with more than 80,000 users and almost 100 million emails sent per day! As being a growing company launched in 2012 it is not bad.

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Sendinblue Pricing Plan:

In Sendinblue you can easily get started with free plans which include transaction emails, CRM others like automation, SMS Campaign, also Transactional SMS, and will get 300 emails per day.

Automation: This will help you create automation in email delivery and tracking the web with a contact management system.

SMS Campaigns: With this, we can send a marketing campaign to your subscriber via SMS.

Sendinblue review

The advanced system of the tool offers web tracking and lead generation. Unlike other providers the best part about this tool that they charge you based on the email you sent not how many subscribers you have. They start with the Lite Plan(100,000 emails) to the Enterprise plan.

Sendinblue Pros and Cons:


Landing Page Builder: Most of the digital marketer or online business owner wants some page builder with email marketing that why they provide a smooth interface with modern templates with drag and drop.

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Affordable Price Plans: The most stand out thing is Low price point in which a beginner can easily start. In the Competitive market of email marketing they really come up with competitive prices with 100,000 emails and no daily limit for just $25, that’s a pretty good value they are dropping.
Reliable Email automation: It is really hard to believe the service they are providing at this price. Sendinblue has a workflow-based automation system. You can start your campaign using your visitor email address and also with the engagement behavior of your website, assign a lead score, and send the transnational email.
Deliverability: Latest data show the deliverable of Sendinblue is been improved increasingly.


Limited Integration: Sendinblue offers several integrations with other platforms. In this area, they can improve a bit by coming up with various varieties.

Free Plan Limit: The daily spending limit of only 300 emails per day, which is even less than what Gmail provides you.

Is Sendinblue worth investing in for you?

You should buy If :

  • You are E-Commerce: The features it consists of customizable triggers based on purchase data, you can import customer detail order and confirmation of sale, customizable KPIs, Sendinblue is really powerful to serve eCommerce.
  • You want one-on-one campaigns: As we discussed Sendinblue is best for trigger-based and transactional emails. Its workflow design is specially built for automation work like the clicks on the website or website page visit by your customer.
  • You want a full-packed tool on a budget: In the market, Sendinblue turns out to be efficient with valuable pricing plans which is great for beginners as if we compare to other services and if we look at the dynamic workflow system that helps a lot to business in automation with modern personalization, it just unbeatable.
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You should not buy If :

Multiple logins and Access level: It only allows customers to have multiple login access for your team and manage them with different levels of access to the function only if you are on a premium or enterprise plan.

Sendinblue Feature:

Designing of Newsletter

  • Editor: Sedinblue offers a drag n drop editor with a smooth and modern interface. You can also choose several pre-made templates if you don’t want to do it from scratch.
  • Personalization: Sendinblue has “attributes condition” but requires a lit bit of statement setup like IF/Then/Else logic (like we do in Google sheets and excel). They also come with a conditional statement that allows you to set a certain part of the email to specific subscribers (Ex. Special offer to VIP).
  • Types of Emails: Autoresponders, transactional email, A/B Split Testing, SMS marketing, and of course Newsletter.
  • Template design Choice: There are almost more than 65 templates available in Sendinblue.All the templates are completely responsive and some are the same with a different layout.

Intuitive Interface

The interface pretty good when it comes to the navigation of the menu and creating some newsletters. The niche-based workflow system is already made which becomes to start the work fast.


Sendinblue workflow system let us set up some clever triggered campaigns based on contact data, email engagement, website behavior, and other data from eCommerce.

It has advantages for lead scoring and the ability to test the workflow system before the launch. It also offers a transactional email to the customer about purchase confirmation via SMTP. Also on a feature that helps you choose an optimal time based on previous campaign performance.

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Contact Management

We can create filters based on criteria and behavior(click and purchase) of contact which serves a segment. We can also create a Segment based on demographics, Behavior, and lead scores.


It has increased the deliverability of the email significantly.


It comes with reporting and analysis tools such as click Map, geo-tracking, and googles analytics tools integration. However, the data on social media and sales is not available.

Preview and Spam

You can easily preview the email you are designing with different email clients. But you can’t do the spam testing.


By looking at the tools that they are offering, that has clearly optimized service for the marketing to get as much growth in one place including advanced automation, segmentation, personalization, and also landing page builder that eventually leads to more sales or conversion.

The features of this tool are enough to shake any giant in the email marketing space and that why we say this is the best Alternative For Mailchimp.

After there a free plan, that offers the lite plan starts with $25 which provides 100,000 emails per day with no daily limit which makes it the cheapest option in the market.

The tool is really impressive there no denying it. Hope this Sendinblue review will help you choose. If you want to try it out yourself to see if you like it, then upgrade to a paid plan to take full advantage.

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