What Is Search Engine Optimization / SEO?

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the surface visibility of the website according to its search queries. The more visibility of your website means the more visitor will land on your website and you will have more prospects and customers.


Search Engine Optimization Definition?

All the search engines like Google and Bing use the technique called crawl bot to crawl the website for collecting more content from those pages to index the search engine database. Whenever the search engine crawl website it is based on over two hundred factors to rank the content for that particular query.

All the Ranking factors considered by the search engines are equal impacts. Some of them are the major ones or others are the minor ones. Some of the major ones are Quality of Content, keyword research, Mobile-friendliness, backlinks, and crawlability of Content. Sometimes search engine Discovers the URL but does not index or Crawl the URL but not index.

The Search Engine Algorithm maintained to rank the authoritative pages and provide the search result according to the query. If you want your website to be ranked on the first Page result you have to keep these factors in check. There is another way to get traffic through paid media but organic ranking cannot be bought.

SEO Requirement in Digital Marketing.

Digital marketers should always consider the power of organic search because alone with google the searches are over 5.6 billion and they want the solution to their problem. So it’s a great way to promote products for digital business. Most digital businesses have organic searches as a primary source of traffic for their business. The more visibility you have on a search result over your competition more revenue generation you will have.

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But over the past few updates in Google algorithm, they are showing the user the direct answers and information with the knowledge section to keep the user on the result page rather than on some other site. By doing that they can show more advertisements and generate revenue.


Search Engine Optimization Factors.

There are three major groups that covered all the Search Engine Optimization / SEO factors:

On-Page SEO

Search Engine Optimization



On-Page SEO can be handle by the website owner or Content Creator. That why a creator should always focus on creating the content according to the need of the audience So that the engagement of the page is on point which eventually helps the website to rank.

The Content should have the targeted keyword in the h1 tag or other related keywords on the h2 or h3 tag which will indicate the search engine what keyword you want to rank. You should also include some anchor text to reference related content. All the breadcrumbs (Labels) should be every piece of content you upload this will have google crawl bots to navigate through the site.


Search Engine Optimization



The OFF-Page SEO doesn’t control directly by the content creator. Several Off-Page SEO factors depend on the optimization of the whole website including the domain authority, page authority, and most importantly backlinks, which usually can be created over time. So as your site gets old your authority will increase along with it.

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These factor does not depend on Per-Page of the site, but Optimization of the site Architecture. If the site is big then the crawler needs a sitemap to crawl properly. You can submit the sitemap in the google search console.


You must have heard of the term “Content is king” and Content should be your first priority. The quality of Content is what engages people for a longer time and make them into a repeated customer. The search engine also prefers to index great and unique content they do not index plagiarised content.

Whether it is article content or video content or anything you create for your audience, If you have content on the point then it is a great foundation for Search Engine optimization.

Think yourself what the actual user wants, what query users are looking for, they have a problem that why they are searching on google. And ask yourself if your content can provide valuable information to the user.

If you say it’s true then you have to work on the other factor of search engine optimization like the technical part also Backlinks. If not then you have to research more to add more value to the Content.

When you provide useful content to users they are very much compelled to stay on the website which is a good sign to get index in any search engine.

Google gives the guideline for high-quality content-type:
Content information should have proper accuracy, originality, and way to understand.
Content of art should have top skills, uniqueness and should offer learning of skill for users.
Journalism Content should be in-depth, accurate with proper reporting.

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When to particular for News section google tends to give more priority to the authoritative site. It is very critical to create content strategies for having a full search engine optimization effort and also other factors completely depend on content quality.


Other Verticals

There are several other verticals that content creators should be a focus on like local, image, and video search. Each vertical is emerging with its own new feature and new opportunity for the brands to use these platforms to increase traffic.


There are several factors for doing better search engine optimization and you have to keep improving the content with OFF page SEO. In the end, it’s also better to keep the website structure with a sitemap to easily navigate through the website.


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