Sustainable Marketing: Full Guide For Business 2022

There always been a big argument in the world of business about the sustainability of the products. When it comes to business and marketing the sustainable marketing comes into play more importantly.

Even most eCommerce company they worry about the selling product and process of it plus having blur idea about their target audience. With the reach of digital marketing tools, it becomes a little complex for a marketer to reach a potential client. With sort of distraction in the world of social media, customer attention span has become shorter.

Consumers have become tech-savvy and more knowledgeable about the tactics business approach to selling the product.

The time has gone when the consumers want to do just with the product they are buying. Now the consumer wants quality plus the message of the brand should have aligned with their moral values.

In the research from marketing drive, they found 62% of consumers want the marketer to value the environmental issues. These days big companies like Apple and Amazon are standing for the big cause that fascinates many people. Consumer by-products from the companies that stand for sustainability.

Define Sustainability?

The topic of sustainability is in various dimension and talked about it in many sectors like economic and business development.

All the marketer has this responsibility to run the business, the sustainability in the process to go with. Overall the sustainability is spending the resources of business wisely and in the right way to keep them running for the long term.

Probably the business wants to the long term success by using sustainability tactics. Every marketer is in business for long terms goals, not short terms spikes.

The concept of sustainable marketing holds that an organization should meet the needs of its present consumers without compromising the ability of future generations to fulfill their own needs. -Philip Kotler

Sustainable marketing is known to be done when the marketer that sells the product respects the social and environmental aspects of the surrounding. The main aim is to improve the quality of life by promoting a good product and services that do not harm the environment in any way.

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For example: What Apple did with the new iPhones by removing the charger in the box, which basically reduces the weight, thus reduces the fuel consumption in shipping the product.

With the big issues like environmental issues, consumers are becoming more conscious about the issues and the real threat, doing several things to face this challenge. In this scenario, if the brands and companies take initiative in order to deal with the issues, they get support from the communities and brands get more engaged by the consumers. Companies get more visibility and more customers by doing all this activity.

Principle of Sustainable Marketing System:

  • Consumer-Oriented Marketing: Customer-oriented marketing helps business organize their marketing campaign from the perspective of consumers. Identify the problem by the thoughts of consumers and it will brand to create the relationship they want with customers.
  • Sense of mission Marketing: The brands always should have the mission in a broadway socially rather than in only product selling terms. With all these missions they should take care of their employees and customers. The brands should be responsible for their product and its effect on the environment.
  • Innovative Marketing: This category involves continuous innovation to make products better in the social aspects. So that they can improve the health of the environment with advanced technology. Example: Tesla improving the performance of the car with more efficiency and improve the battery with an eventual reduction in pollution.
  • Customer-value Marketing: Customer-Value Marketing, the brands should attach most of their resources with customer value. By doing innovation and valuable products, the company can create profit for the consumers.
  • Societal marketing: All the morals and ethics of consumers are to be taken into consideration in this category.
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Importance Of Sustainable Marketing

Consistency is key

As a brand, you need to specific about things you are doing to be sustainable. All the things that are not sustainable needs work, quality defines everything this will help avoid unnecessary negative social media posts destroying the brand value, you have to make sure that your brand is active for the issues of society and environment.

60% of consumers find authenticity to be the most appealing quality of their favorite brands.

Sustainable Marketing Example

Sustainability is about the combination of various needs of people and communities to create a good quality of life. Here is the example of companies that delivering suitable marketing and having awards.


Amazon is the most popular brand that is taking it seriously and doing initiative toward it.

Sustainable Marketing Example
Sustainable Marketing Example

Amazon created the entire collection hub to indicate their efforts, and in the pursuit of a sustainable approach towards the promotion of future ideas.

With Shipment Zero Amazon is trying to make Amazon shipments net-zero carbon by the year 2030, reaching 50% already by 2030.

There is an initiative called Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative started by amazon to empower sustainability through innovation. All these activities are helping them analyzing the right data and convert them to use as actionable tasks.

Amazon collaborated with a huge brand like Procter and gamble to create a powerful message for the support of sustainability. They work with Tide to create sustainable packing for their product.


Steelcase on of the biggest and oldest furniture manufacturers in the world. They should take more responsibility for the environmental crises. In August of the year, Steelcase announced the complete elimination of carbon emission in its operation.

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Further, they have an ambitious project where they will reduce the carbon negative by the year 2030.


Sustainable marketing tactics are used by big cooperation to improve the life of the people and environment through their services, innovative ideas. Business wants to create the better brand reputation in the mind of people, they should be supporting the cause of environmental issues, cause more people are being aware of the harmful effect. Therefore the green marketing is the way to do business.

Sustainable marketing is better than traditional marketing cause it serves the reason of the people and their environmental initiative. Nowadays consumers are becoming smart and educated, so businesses have very transparent with them ad show them your dedication to saving the planet.

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