What is the New Role of SEO Manager?

Digital marketing is becoming essential for business and companies want SEO Manager to stay ahead of the competition. In the coming years as the industry is growing, they also required people with the right skillset and mindset.

After the situation in 2020, more business are tends to move online, and Search engine optimization has become the major part to be found over the internet. An SEO Manager will contain all the required skill set to make your business on the surface of the internet. In content marketing, you as a business create content for the website or social media but without the right SEO strategies, you can not really rank your website. With the skill set of search engine optimization, you can real asset to digital marketing companies.

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SEO Theory

SEO Theory

The searches on Google every second depends on the query and keyword. In the algorithm, the keyword is the main to determine which content will rank in SERPs. Google is constantly looking for better content through its algorithm with various search techniques. Better content will always have higher ranking SERPs.

The Updates in the Google algorithm to show the best result at the top of a search result is changing and becoming more complex. Due to which most companies suffer to get noticed on the search engine. The job of SEOs is to optimize for the keyword that makes the website to be found. The better the search optimization, the higher the ranking for the SERPs. As an SEO Manager, you will understand the digital campaign for the company and optimize them according to the data, so you can run an effective campaign on social media.

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SERPs Position

There are billion of web-pages over the internet and most of them is trying to get the position of SERPs. One thing is for sure SEOs have to fight to get the position over a search result. The traffic for a website that you have to consider is to be warm traffic which really converts, warm traffic is basically the people who looking for some solution.

SEO Managers should consider all aspects of the website and should find leads that required the particular service of the website, SEOs also helps to convert the traffic into leads. Content strategy is also managed by the SEO manager in which they target the content on social media for a more user base.

SEO Manager Role

As you see the description of the job of SEO Manager seems very similar to the job of marketing manager both are to drive leads and sales. But the SEOs required also a technical side with marketing taste, so the job becomes much more specialized in the business. SEOs have more technological drive responsibility, which makes them a more specialized job. Below is a task that includes in SEOs Manager:

  • Website Content management.
  • Building Backlinks.
  • Building an online Social Media community.
  • Campaign Running.
  • Website data analysis.
  • Keyword research.
  • Audience Analysis.
  • Content Optimization across Platform.

SEO Manager Skills

SEO Manager Skills

SEO Manager required to have knowledge not only in business and marketing but also have keen interest and knowledge in computer technology. According to the founder of Moz Seo company, this basically called T-Shaped Marketing, it refers to the light understanding and knowledge in a variety of skills, and deep ability in a specific skill.

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So when comes to being a Seo manager it is a role that is very result-driven oriented, which means you have to provide the evidence that you successfully ranking your client website on the search result. You will have to provide the content ideas to publish and all types of data-driven planning based on analytical tools likes Google Analytics and Google Adwords.

IF the job of a high-profile company, they might ask you if you have any project management experience. Most of the time when you show them the evidence of you successfully improved the ranking of several websites, it will most likely land you a job. When you work with a high profile company you also encounter some employees with a degree in computer science and business plus marketing. Lastly, when you are working in a job like this, you should have knowledge in a coding language like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Job Expectation

SEO Manager Job Expectation

Mostly they work on the job will relate to the website content and lead generation, you will create content on the basis of quires and rank them to the target audience. You will do the assessment of the website and optimizations, it will involve the data-analysis and will run a specific test to understand the problems.

However the founder of Moz “What you really need to do is you want to be more incrementally based, but you need to be informed by and you need to be evolving your tactics and your work based on what is the business need right now,” says Fishkin.

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Search engines changing with every update and SEO is evolving with future updates and processes. With the right content strategies and a list of projects that will help get ranking on the SERPs. There are tactics that can help are the following:

  • Creating Online Groups.
  • Breadcrumbs and Blog Categories.
  • Courses
  • Content tutorial

All this material you can prepare when understanding the audience and target them with the right content. Identifying the role in SEO is really important since it decides the keyword and strategies to meet the requirement of the users. In order to drive them on the website you have to find the best keyword for content.” It could be content pieces, could be video, could be some combination of those things in social media, all forms of content. It could be tools, whatever you want, an application,” says Fishkin.

After all the implementation of the tactics, you can use data analytics tools to measure the progress. You have the change with constant updating to keep surf on the internet. As the market is changing you will have different opportunities to create the content.


Being the SEO Manager can prove to be a very rolling job since you have to create the plan and strategies for an upcoming project and rebuild all the plans again, it’s highly strategic. You will have the position that is highly rewarded in the industry

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