What Is New Digital Marketing SEO?

We all have heard the question What is Digital Marketing SEO? which is the most important tool in digital marketing. Most Digital Marketers have little understanding of SEO, but it still one of the complex topics.

SEO is made up of multiple factors designated by Search Engines and if you know the working process and understand how it works is the key to understand why it is important. SEO helps users to make the website more visible in the search engine for the organic result, it means more traffic and more customer for sales.

On top of that SEO helps brands to build authority, awareness, and build relationships and Communicate trustworthiness among customers. Below the detail about digital marketing.

Digital Marketing SEO Elements

Digital Marketing SEO

Keyword Importance

In the early days of Digital Marketing SEO keywords were the only major factor in optimization and they still do but there are also other factors that matter. The point of keyword research is that it should well targeted and chosen specifically and used in the content effectively.

So what is a keyword? keywords are the words and phrases that customers and users type in a search engine to search their queries and brands can use these search intent to connect with their audience.

In the process of finding the keyword, it is important to find the keyword with high volume search and low competition, in the early days it was pretty easy to find one but it little tricky. Website owners should try to find the Long Tail Keyword or Local based Keyword if you have a local business website. The title of your content should be keyword optimized or your permalinks and other Onpage SEO.

Creative Content

Creative Content is an important part of search engine optimization cause it tends to give more customers to your business. Let assume that you own a cooking business then you must put out creative content on the food recipes and tips on eating the food right away. Now when the customers want some knowledge about the topic, they will search the intent and your content will rank if done keyword optimization properly and you will share valuable tips.

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So if they when they buy some cooking related product you can sell to them by educating the prospect. But the content should not just be educational but also interesting, relevant and could easily be shareable on social media. There are the following types of content.

  • Video Content
  • Blogs
  • Image Content
  • Info-graphics
  • Podcasts
  • Ebooks
  • Social Media Content

OFF Page Optimization

OFF Page Optimization is the process that involves the technical part of SEO, in which you have to make a number of backlinks also called link building, and have to monitor the speed of the website for the search results.

The building of backlinks from authoritative external sites signifies that content is also valuable if your getting reference from valuable sites which helps build your authority.

There are 3 major ways to do link building which google recommends to the website owners and some of the best practices include guest blogging, infographics that will get viral on social media, and partnering with influencers.

Digital Marketing SEO for Local Business

Most of the local businesses are coming online in order to gain traction in their physical store. These days every other user searches on the search engines about local stores and business, so it is crucial to have an online presence. Research says that 57% of all searches are performed on smartphones and tablets and almost half of the searches are for local intent.

Suppose you own the grocery store, if you have optimized your website for local SEO then it would ensure that when somebody types the keyword “Grocery Store” your listing will show up which essentially will drive the customer to your physical store. You can include local keywords like your locality name in the Optimization process, creating the location-specific pages will help tremendously, list your webpage on Google My Business listing, Google Maps.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing involves the paid section of the media, it includes native ads, Google AdWords, Social media ads, PPC, Shopping tabs ads, display ads, etc.

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Since SEM is majorly a paid section so it does not include in SEO Strategy, but it is a huge part of digital marketing. Many marketing majorly uses SEM and still manages to drive potential traffic to the website. The best part of the SEM is that you can maneuver your targeting on the basis of instant data, you can easily target a broad area of potential visitors.

Do Businesses require SEO?

Digital Marketing SEO


Brands do Digital Marketing SEO in order to get more organic traffic and that could they increase the ranking and visibility. In fact, the first page of google captures around 71% of web traffic and the first five listings get 75% of all clicks.

In order to get significant traffic from search engines to your website, you have to do proper Digital Marketing SEO to keep in mind all factors. Aim for having your website in the top ten results. Factors like Content length, keyword optimization, Title keyword, Website Authority, etc.


The important functionality of Digital Marketing SEO is ranking which essentially every brand does, which is that your prospect can find your website when looking out for something. With more ranking, you have more visibility.

The more visibility on search engine result page (SERPs). The users are more likely to click on your website get convert into sales. The more efficient your SEO is, the higher will the ranking, which is especially required when most of the users do not get to the second or third page of the SERPs and most traffic clicks through the first page.


In the early days of search engines, the website works fine it does not have authority but now Google wants you to show some authority and relevancy of the content. The more the authority of your site is easier it will be to rank on a particular keyword that you want. You can build authority by having links to certain authoritative websites in your industry, Google prefers that. But you put out the relevant content and valuable information to share.

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When the brands build out the content and optimizing the keyword with the whole site and do On-Page SEO properly which eventually creates an effortless experience for the users.

Responsiveness is another option to create a great user experience cause every user has a different resolution and aspect ratio, so in order to provide the full information, the site has to be fully responsive.

Digital Marketing SEO Growth

The ultimate goal of Digital Marketing SEO is to empower the business to have significant growth and business sales. The SEO can help them build better business and connection with the consumer as you put more and more content the website authority also increase. More customers on your website will provide the head over the competition and help to increase the conversion.

Search Engine Error

There are some small things, that affect the ranking of the website no matter how good the SEO you have done. If the site does not have proper breadcrumbs or site structure, you may have a problem. Some coding errors can also block from search engine crawling your website. Following common examples can prevent the search engine from crawling.

  • Duplicate pages
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Semantic Error


As of now, we understand the different techniques and practices of SEO. However, these practices always evolving with every update of Google algorithm as changing with user-Behavior and new technology.

Digital Marketing SEO can help every business to get visible to their customers which creates awareness between the consumer about the brand, that’s why a digital marketer should have a solid knowledge about optimization.

At last, I would say that it is a major skill that works as a great tool and build for future business. As more business coming online every day the demands of SEO are increasing.

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