Amazon Mobile GetLink for Affiliate links Sharing Social Media

 Amazon announced the mobile Getlinks, a solution for affiliate marketers to share links on Social Media and direct messaging.

This new way to share affiliate links in social media, like in comments and direct messaging, you can also share the links embedded in the content. The system called Mobile Getlink, Create and share the associate links on the go.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate Program is the program for affiliate marketing, where they share links to monetize the content. The affiliate links contain the unique ID of the publishers to track the visitor they referred to amazon. Amazon formally called this system Amazon Associate, this system also helps track the payment send by amazon to the publisher.

From the beginning of affiliate marketing, a web content publisher is known as an affiliate publisher. This publisher would create content and insert links to the Amazon product page. When a visitor comes to the website read content and buys the product from the links, the amazon associate will earn the commission. These commissions will go from 2% up to 15%, commissions will directly to the bank account of the associate.

Amazon’s new program Mobile Getlink is a completely new opportunity for affiliate marketer to monetize their content.

Difference B/W Mobile Getlink and Affiliate Links

Amazon Mobile Getlink is a little different from the traditional affiliate program because it is created to help affiliates to generate an affiliate link on the go.

Traditionally the amazon associate will have login into the amazon affiliate dashboard and generate the affiliate links separately for every product and then download ad banners that have their affiliate ID then embed into the content.

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The new Getlink Program, an affiliate while login to your amazon shopping app visits the product page, clicks on the Share to obtain the link.

Amazon Explain: Here’s how Mobile GetLink works:

  • “Go to the product page and click Share
  • Then click Copy Associates Link
  • Get a short URL with your Associates tags built
  • The copied link can then be pasted into content, comment, or direct message”


Affiliate Links to Share in Comments or Direct Message

The significant feature this system has that its affiliate links can shareable in the comment and direct massage of social media platforms, which is competently opposite of the traditional affiliate systems where affiliate links can only embed in written content and video content.

This screenshot below is from Mobile GetLink affiliate link sharing in action, which shows a mobile device with the option of Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Snapchat, Gmail, and FaceTime.

Screenshot of Mobile GetLink Social Media Sharing.

Amazon Mobile GetLink

Availability of Mobile Getlink

Amazon Mobile Getlink system only available for users in the United States, it will be rolled out soon for the other region of the world.

The functionality of the Mobile Getlink is only available for IOS Mobile devices. It is not available for the Android platform, for now, but Amazon has the plan to roll out the Mobile Getlink for the other mobile platform.

As an amazon affiliate login in within the Amazon shopping app with their login credential, Mobile Getlink gets automatically get activated and you can start sharing links. Some of the affiliates may have multiple affiliate ID’s they have to choose which one to use for sharing.

Change in Affiliate Marketing

Social Media is getting popular among the younger generation and amazon is kept updated on that. More people are willing to share content like videos and news via social media and messaging apps.

Amazon big changes now allow Social media users to earn commission through sharing the popular context of the major platform.


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