Instagram bots 2022: Are They Important Anymore!

Most Instagram creators put out good content on regular basis but sometimes they fail to gather the followers and engagement they want. Instagram does have a larger base of active users but still small when compared to other social media giants.

The key strength of Instagram is engagement. That the main reason why most online marketers and influencers are so interested in creating and building an Instagram account and also using these accounts for running the digital marketing campaign.

Managing a social media account for a regular engagement like Instagram takes effort and time to create valuable content and post regularly. Also, a marketer has to manage the other social media account for the same purpose.

Companies and big brands hire social media managers to keep the accounts running with engagement, even then they have hardship running the multiple accounts. In that scenario, as a social media manager, they tend to use the bots for automation which provide them time to do some other important task.

Below in the post, we are going to discuss the best way to grow the Instagram follower with bots and generate the true follower base.

Instagram Bots?

Instagram Bots are software programs that help you automate most of the process of liking, commenting, and sharing the content plus following without putting effort.

Since most people think that these tasks are simple to do, can be done manually but when you do the massive task it becomes hectic. Bots can make up a big chunk of time to do other stuff for the business. One of the best features of bots is auto-follow the account that followed you, which means you can build engagement with other accounts in the same niche and category.

How Bots Can Increase The Instagram Followers?

Instagram bots are really helpful on a regular basis cause they work day and night regardless of the time, they need rest and leave, they always keep your business up to date active.

Instagram bots have these filters and features where you can insert the parameter like specific hashtags plus particular categories and niches. The bot can find these niches automatically and follow-unfollow them easily. This as a business will save your time since you don’t have to scroll through the profiles to find the relevant ones to follow, like, comment and share.

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When you set the parameter in the bots, you will get a filtered version of the profile that is interested in what you do and your niche. So bot engages with them automatically which eventually makes them follow and probably you get some leads.

If you want to target the audience that lives in different demo-graph with various time zones, the bot can easily interact according to their feed time-line. With this feature, you can have an edge over your competition since time is no barrier anymore.

Advantages of Instagram Bots

As we discussed saving your time and effort in building your account. Below are the benefits in the list.

#Increased Exposure

Instagram has the limit to follow the profile by 20 profiles per hour and 100 profiles per day. Automation is the only process that will increase the change of people visiting your profile. When bot engages with people, if they are interested they get to your profile and follow you. In other words, the Instagram bot increased the chance to visit your page by sending them invitations and encouraging them to follow back.

#More and Instant Result

With that high exposure on your profile, people will visit and instantly like and comment, it is coming here from the bots following. And the process completely automated so you don’t have to wait for the result.

When you get instant likes and comments, Instagram will put your content in other places as well. It will increase brand awareness and help you significantly in generating leads and conversion. You can also redirect them onto your website and see a sudden uprise in the traffic, which will eventually help you sell more products and conversion.

#Engaged Follower

The business also tries to buy the Instagram follower, the people come from the bot engagement are the real people looking for your product and services. When businesses buy Instagram followers they buy fake engagement and which Instagram can easily detect. These followers are fake accounts and fake information, if these come to follow you, Instagram might have to ban you from the platform.

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#Influencer Marketing

As you grow on the Instagram platform and have significant numbers of real followers. People will start trusting you and your brand. Other brands might follow you for the promotion of their product their brand and services. This will increase your credibility and trust.

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Disadvantages of Instagram Bots

Instagram bots seem to be the perfect way to increase the number of followers then what’s the catch…As we know that everything comes with some downvotes.

#Awkward Situation Sometimes

Since these bots are not humans, they do not consider the emotion of humans and sensitivity of context plus the meaning of posting the image. All these are designed to like and comment on the basis of the hashtags parameter and since it is the starting of these AI bots they are not completely perfect.

By these hashtags, you cannot the bots to do insensitive comments under some picture and they may turn out to be an awkward situation since you cannot track the commenting. Bots may comment on some unappropriated under someone’s post through your account.

#Negative Impact for Long Term Engagement

Most bots are getting older and the average person begins to recognize the pattern of AI bots once they do, you will find less interest in people or maybe no engagement at all. Although it is quite impossible for critical engagement. However, if the content you providing is high quality and the bot can still be effective in luring the people to the profile page and follow back.

#Instagram Terms and Policy

Many users use Instagram bots to maximum the profile, but what if everybody will start using the bots the social media will not have any meaning. So every social media platform is discouraging the use of bots on their platform. Sometimes, these bots can violate the terms and conditions of Instagram and will put your account at risk of getting shadow-banned.

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When Instagram shadow-banned the profile, it makes every post on your page invisible to the non-followers of the account. But you can still create good content and engage with people who are already a follower of your profile.

How To Avoid The Instagram Shadow Ban?

Below are the things you should follow to avoid getting shadowbanned.

#Slow Pacing

If your Instagram profile page is new, you started following multiple profiles a day you will start getting noticed by Instagram admin, they can ban you or slow you down. A new Instagram account should start the following game slow and steadily, increase the pace your account grows.

#Maintain your Niche

One of the major mistakes most of the users make is they do not stick to their niche and category, they want to tap into everyone’s accounts even if they are interested does not have any ideas. One thing you have to keep in mind your Instagram bot is reaching to the people that are actually relevant to the niche, so the followers can grow consistently.

#Less Bot Activity

The best way to use the bot with a filter option is to set up the bot to engage with accounts that are regularly active. Create the filter in the bot as such a real person would do the activity.


Instagram is the major platform with more security and condition. These bots might be good and workable for the marketer new to social media marketing. But using these bot tools will make things a little hard for you in long run.

The better way is to use these tools for some task otherwise the manual marketing is really good and real, you do not want to risk your Instagram account. Use these bots for methods we discussed above.

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