LinkedIn Users Can Add An Intro Video To Profile

LinkedIn Platform provides the users with their new feature where they can add an intro video with brand new creator mode on the platform.

The platform is updating the profile with new abilities to add showcase intro video and calling it all new creator mode. These features will essentially allow users to explain their skills in a more defined way which very important and useful as a virtual job seeker.

LinkedIn showcased the study where the survey conducted last month around 1,009 hiring managers and 2,101 job seekers in the United States and 79% of the hiring managers believe the video content had become really important when the companies are looking for the perfect candidate.

Around 80% of the candidates want to have a better way to represent themselves to recruiters and HR managers, and 60% believe a recording video is a skill representation that could be really helpful to make the recruiter understand their thought process. All these things provide a better experience for the recruiters and candidates in the hiring process.

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Video Cover Story

LinkedIn users now can add a cover story to their profile, this cover story feature allows the candidates to customize the first interaction experience with the recruiters and HR managers. When the users upload the self-introduction video to the cover story, an orange circle will appear around the profile photo. If some recruiters want to know about you, they can simply tap on the profile and the intro video will open in vertical format.

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If you’re a freelancer, you can attract new clients by using a Cover Story to talk about your services. You can now create a dedicated Service Page right from your Profile, giving you more reach to LinkedIn’s global community of nearly 740 million members.

The details of recording the cover story and uploading it to the platform will be available when the feature will roll out completely to the platform.

Creator Mode

This is the new feature on the LinkedIn platform named creator mode designed for the content creators. In the creator mode, the users can add the hashtags to indicates the content they post on the platform, when you activate the creator mode the activity and featured section will move up to the top of the profile.

Creator Mode

Also, when the creator mode will enable, your profile “Connect button” will be changed to “Follow button”. Another benefit of the activation of creator mode is that your profile background will display live streaming broadcast to increase the content visibility.

Freelancer Service Page

On the service page which freelancer can create for displacing their services to the client, these service pages are connected to your LinkedIn profile which essentially allows attracting new clients directly from the platform.


Platform users will now have the option to add the gender pronoun at the top of the profile. LinkedIn studies find that 70% of the job seeker believes that it is very important that HR manager should know the gender pronouns, and 72% of the HR agrees and say it show respect.

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If the users do not want to add these details to their LinkedIn profile then it is fine cause it is optional. All the features covered in the post will roll out over the weeks.

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