Real-Time Subscriber Counts Added In YouTube Channel Dashboard

YouTube Updated the channel studio dashboard with a new feature, real-time channel subscriber counts which eliminate the need for creators to use third-party tools to access the same data. This feature will allow the creators to see the number of visitors who subscribe to their channel that fully updates in real-time. This type of data … Read more

Almost 2 Million Sites Affected By WP Super Cache Vulnerability

Vulnerability discovered in WP Super Cache by Automatic, this by the way low vulnerability issue but it could allow a hacker to upload and process the malicious code to database files, with a specific purpose and goals of full control of the website and its data. Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (RCE) WP Super Cache Users … Read more

Amazon Mobile GetLink for Affiliate links Sharing Social Media

 Amazon announced the mobile Getlinks, a solution for affiliate marketers to share links on Social Media and direct messaging. This new way to share affiliate links in social media, like in comments and direct messaging, you can also share the links embedded in the content. The system called Mobile Getlink, Create and share the associate … Read more