Goggle MyBusiness Messaging Rolling Out For Desktop

Google made google my business messaging out for desktop users. How you can opt-in and what are the features that local businesses need to know about.

Consumer are expectations are heightened from brands, they want brands to be interactive and responsive. There was always a signal that Google is going a roll out business messaging.

If you have listed in Google My Business, you should Message in your GMB dashboard. Google my Business resources informs the full rollout.

Important: By early March 2021, all businesses will have access to messaging on the web.

Goggle MyBusiness Messaging

Now this great feature for the Google My Business listed Business will become an efficient tool for messaging with consumers. So the question arises, how do we opt-in for it and follow through without violating the policies and any Google guideline.

How Business Can Opt-In For Google My-Business

Google already declared about the expansion of business messaging services and since then Google is trying to highlight the features on the Search engine result page (SERPs).

The roll-out will available to all the users of the desktop and said to be completed by the end of March. Before this, all the brands are communicating with the third-party app, which certainly takes time to reply, which is bad for the consumer experience.

How Business Can Opt-In For Google My-Business

The business that has a Google My Business account can opt-in very easily, also business can turn on and off the messaging services at any time they want with the help dashboard. As you set up the option, your consumer can send the message to your business and you will have a notification on the Google my Business account.

How Business Can Opt-In For Google My-Business

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The automatic response will be easy to set up for the initial conversion in GMB, you can set up the brand voice after that you can start the conversation with the potential client.

Canceling of Your Business Messaging

Google is trying to cause here, you have to respond to the customer quires with 24 hours, or Google can cancel your access to the tool. This will make the consumer experience good.

As I told you that you have an autoresponder in the message but that would not count as your response rate, so you have to respond as soon as possible. Some time message platform gets spammy messages, make sure to mark them as spam, otherwise, it will count towards your response rate.

Since this messaging system is available on the desktop, whoever is managing your account can keep the notifications on and respond as the messages come in the dashboard.

Here is the complete GMB messaging guideline.

Our Thought

After the full roll-out update, you will find other details and options you can take from within the dashboard. Google has not declared any specific details with the option but you should keep aware of the features.

Now the consumer will also have more questions for the brands and all of them going interact with business messaging directly. It will also create an opportunity for businesses to get the opinion of the consumer.

Some of the Google my Business owner will early access to the feature than others. For some testing purpose, you can also join the waiting list for interacting with beta.

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Source: Google My Busines Help

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