7 Best Ping Website that Signals Google

One of the main reasons owners ping website is when they update something, it is considered as one of the Search engine optimization techniques. However content crawling depends on the frequency of posting content on the website, if you post regularly on the same frequency crawler will crawl the content anyway.

But if for some problem it is not crawling the content then you can ping content with several pinging websites, following this you should always update content regularly for the crawler and ping your website. Pinging signals search engines indicates the content is updated. Most websites pings once or twice a week which is recommended.

Now do not ping extensively because it could penalize your website in search engines. But the whole point of posting content is indexing, if that’s not happing then you will not have any traffic to the website. So sometimes what happens is when you over ping, Google simply ignore the content if crawler notice unnecessary pings. The best practice is to focus on other SEO techniques with pinging.

Some SEO techniques are as follow:

  • Keyword Research With No Stuffing.
  • Forums Content Posting to sharing for backlinks.
  • Post Content On Same Frequency on the Website.
  • Competitor Analysis for Quality Backlinks.
  • Social Media Posting For Warm Traffic.

If you focus more on these simple tasks with regularity the result we start showing up and as you become more engaged with content, Google will also recognize.

How to Ping website?

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Ping website is a simple task, take the permalink or URL for the website or URL of a particular post. URL should have “-” in-between every keyword, copy that URL paste it on any following website typebar hit enter it will show you the result.

Following are the top 7 ping website you can rely on

1. Pingler.com

Pingler.com is the best ping submission website where your Blog URL can be submitted to their website.

  • Title of the blog
  • URL of the blog
  • Category of the site
ping website

They also have paid service which gives a much better result at a low price and you will find that Plans on the navigation menu of pigler.com. Pingler also has an affiliate program in which you can place Banner and text advertisement of anyone from your site buys a paid plan Pigler pays you.

2. Pingomatic.com

Pingomatic is another website that offers the ping website submission service, you can simply put your URL in a given space and see the result. Provide a simple detail

  • Blog Name
  • Blog Home Page
  • RSS URL ( Optional )
  • Services To Ping ( Tick all Boxes )
ping website

3. Twingly.com

Twingly.com is a good website for submission, it will send the pings to the site once submitted. You have to click the “Blog Ping” in the footer menu it will redirect you to “ping.twingly.com“. Just simple

  • Blog URL and Click PING

ping website

When you signup for Twingly.com it provides you with Free API’s which you can Analyze your Blog/website.

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4. Totalping.com

Totalping.com is also one of the top sites that offer pings. The process is similar to provide the information in the given section.

  • Blog Name
  • Blog Home Page URL
  • RSS URL (optional )
  • English Services (that use English content)
  • International Services
Ping Website

Totalping allows website owners from all around to submit their site for pinging through the sources that they represent. They also provide a widget option URL to embed in your website to ping without put detail here every time.

5. Autopinger.com

Autopinger is also a good website and it has many sources that offer a pinging website once submitted to it.

  • URL
  • Select all the English Services.
  • Select all Non-English Services.
  • Click on Start Ping to submit to various sources.
ping website

6. Feedburner.com

Feed burner is authorized by Google, you submit your URL in feed burner. It also provides blog custom RSS Feed on the site. Infeed burner signs up with Gmail login details.

  • Blog Name
  • Blog URL
  • Click on the NEXT button to generate the feed URL.
ping website

7. MyPagerank.net

Mypagerank.net is one of the best sites for ping submission, it has a high collection of sources that can ping your website or blog.

  • Blog Title
  • URL
  • Write Captcha
  • Select all Services
ping website

There are several Free Services which you can use with your website

  • Google Page rank Button
  • Google bot last access
  • Sitemaps Creator
  • Engines Submit
  • Ping Service
  • Spider View
  • Meta Tag Analyses
  • Link Preview
  • Yahoo bot Last visit
  • MSN bot Last Visit
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All these seven websites can help ping your content immediately and helps significantly to rank the content on the SERPs of search engines. You can also aim for indexing the new backlinks as you create them for the website.

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