[Steps] How To Zoom In And Out On Google Slides (2022) – FAQ

Do you want to know how to zoom in and out on Google Slides? If you use Google Slides often for creating presentation slides, the most common feature you use might be zooming in and out. But it’s very confusing for some users to use it properly since there is no zoom slider. Also, keyboard shortcuts for zooming don’t work in Google Slides.

Luckily, there are three easy ways to do this. First, you can click on View and then select the Zoom button from the Drop-Down Menu. Then you will see the zoom percentage and can adjust it according to your preference. Or you could select the Zoom Tool from your toolbar. The alternative is to use keyword shortcuts such as CTRL+Alt++/CTRL+Alt+- for Windows users or CMD+Option++/CMD+Option+- for Mac users.

Below we discuss the steps to zoom in and zoom out on Google Slides in detail with pictures. Now let’s understand the tutorial.

Three Ways to Zoom in and Out on Google Slides

Usually, users face problems with the zoom feature in Google Slides because it’s hard for beginners to locate it. And, as we all know, once you understand the feature and learn to use it, you can reflexively zoom in and out.

There are some methods that you can follow to zoom in and out on Google Slides. Below are these methods:

#1. Using the View Option In the Menu Bar

Every software has a menu bar on the top of the window. Similarly, in Google Slides, we have a view option in the menu bar at the top. Follow the steps below to find the zoom setting:

Step 1. Click the View Option

In this step, you have to click on the View option in the Menu bar, which is present on the left side of the top bar.

 Zoom In & Out On Google Slides

Step 2. Select the Zoom Option

After you click on the View Option, a Drop-Down will open with several menus. From there, hover over the Zoom option, then another drop-down box menu will open.

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Step 3. Select a Suitable Option from the Box

You will see several zoom options in the second drop-down menu box. Since you want to Zoom In or Zoom Out, click on either to perform the action.

If you simply want to magnify the slide, you can use the Zoom In option, and to reduce the slide size, you can use the Zoom Out option.

#2. Using the Zoom Option in the Toolbar

The above method will work fine when using the Zoom feature once. However, you might have to use zoom several times if you’re constantly working with the presentation. If you prefer the above method, you must repeat all the steps.

Zoom Option In Toolbar

For those users who don’t prefer the above method, Google Slides provides zoom options in the “Toolbar” itself. Let’s understand how to access this:

Step 1. Find the Zoom feature on the toolbar

It would be best if you navigated to the zoom icon on the toolbar. You will be able to distinguish it in the toolbar set easily. It has a magnifying glass icon with a drop-down arrow button beside it.

Step 2. Tap on the Arrow Button

Click on the arrow button, and the drop-down box will open with several options, including zoom in, zoom out, and zoom percentage.

Step 3. Select from the Drop Down Options

Now you can easily choose different zoom options from the drop-down menu bar. You can choose zoom in (++) or zoom out (+-). You can also use this feature during the slide creation.

Step 4. Use the Magnifying Glass to Double Zoom

You can also use the magnifying glass to zoom in directly on the slide. It is much faster than clicking the downward arrow and then choosing the zoom option.

As you select the magnifying glass icon, the icon’s background will turn yellow. And as you can see in the image below, it will turn into a real-time magnifying glass. This shows that your magnifying glass is working correctly.

Magnifying Glass for Double zoom

Now that you have selected the magnifying glass, you have to use the feature on the slide, and you cannot use any other feature. Whatever the area you want to zoom on, you just have to click with the magnifying glass.

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Suppose you’re done using the zoom feature and want to use other features. In that case, you need to disable the use of the magnifying glass by clicking the escape button on the keyboard.

You can also select the Arrow icon, which is present on the right side of the magnifying glass icon in the toolbar.

Unfortunately, this magnifying glass feature can only be used to zoom in on your slide. To zoom out, you must use the first method we discussed, which involves the View option.

#3. Keyboard Shortcuts in Google Slides

This method is for users who want to be more efficient with their work since it uses keyboard shortcuts unique to Google Slides.

For Windows Users, You Can Use:

  • Press CTRL+Alt++ [Press Control plus Alt and ++ sign]
  • Press CTRL+Alt+- [Press Control plus Alt and +- sign]

For Mac Users, You Can Use:

  • Press CMD+Option++ [Press Command plus Option plus ++ sign]
  • Press CMD+Option+- [Press Command plus Option plus+- sign]

This is the fastest and most efficient way of using commands to zoom in and out of Google Slides. Most professional users use these commands.

How to Pre-set a Zoom Level on Google Slides

Google Slides does not provide much flexibility in the range of zoom-in and zoom-out options, like what you’d find with a slide bar.

So Google Slides provides you with three fixed zoom levels for your presentation slide. These presets are 50%, 100%, and 200%.

These presets are provided to create a consistent zoom level across all the templates a user creates in Google Slides.

Preset Of Zoom Level In Google Slides

As seen in the screenshot, you can select any preset from the three options and maintain that consistency across all the presentation slides.

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Simply click on the View option in the menu bar and then hover over the zoom button to open a new Drop-down Box and select the preset from there.

How to Fit the Zoom Level on Google Slides

When you work on several templates and presentation slides in Google Slides, using the zoom feature becomes confusing since it’s not very user-friendly and intuitive.

So in a situation like that, you should always use Reset for the Zoom feature.

To reset the zoom feature, you must click on “View” and then hover over the zoom button. You will see an option of Fit (94%).

How To Fit The Zoom level In Google Slides

You can also use the keyboard shortcut for this.

  • For Windows users – CTRL+ALT+[
  • For Mac users – CMD+Option+[

As mentioned in the second method, you can also use a downward arrow to fit the zoom.


As you can see, zooming in and out in Google Slides isn’t difficult. In fact, there are three options to choose from, depending on how you prefer to use the interface. Either way, learning to zoom in and out on Google Slides is simple when you know how.


How Can I Create a Custom Zoom in Google Slides?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a feature available in Google Slides for users who want to use a custom zoom. However, you can use the available zoom presets.
Many users want this feature, and the request has been sent many times to the developers using product feedback tools.
There’s a chance the product developers will add the requested feature to Google Slides in the future.

How Do I Zoom Out on the Google Docs App?

When you open Google Docs, you will see a toolbar in the window’s top header.
In the toolbar, there will be a zoom percentage, which will be set to 100% by default. You can change the zoom percentage by simply clicking on that percentage.
The drop-down menu will open, and you can select several other zoom percentages from the list. These are preset zoom ratios.


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