How To Change The Background Color On Google Docs?

There are several reasons to find out how to change the background color on Google Docs. As it is, the default background color on any Google Docs page is white. However, sometimes you may need to change the background color to make your documents seem livelier and more colorful. This is especially true when you write a flyer or brochure and want the background color to match the theme.

Altering the appearance of your Google document is very simple. You may change it on your computer and also on your mobile phone. Click on File and go to Page Setup, where you will find the Page Color option. Choose your preferred color and click OK. The background of your document will change to the chosen color.

Benefits Of Adjusting The Color Of Your Google Docs Background

Sometimes, you may wonder why to bother changing the color of your document on Google Docs. Well, there may be several reasons for you to change the background color. Doing so can give you several benefits.

  • Changing the background color on Google Docs can make your pages appear more colorful. This will make them seem different from the typical pages.
  • Imagine creating artwork on a white background. It may make the artwork appear dull. Changing the background color to something more exciting and suitable can make the artwork better than earlier.

How To Change The Background Color On Google Docs?

It is straightforward to alter the color of the background on Google Docs. Just a few effortless steps, and the job is done.

  • Sign in to Google Docs to access your document.
  • Click on “File.”
  • Choose “Page Setup” from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the “Page Color” icon that you will find under the “Page Setup” menu.
  • Choose your preferred color.
  • Click on OK
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It is also possible to change your handheld device’s background color on Google Docs. So, whether you use an Android device or an iOS, you may follow a few simple steps and change the background color.

  • Tap on the three dots on the top of your screen at the right corner.
  • Go to “Page Setup.”
  • Tap on “Page Color.”
  • Choose your desired color and click “OK.”


There are several reasons to switch up your bacgkground colors . First, changing the background color may seem necessary, especially if you are designing a brochure. The suitable background color will make the flyer more exciting and the text easier to read.

And altering the color to your liking is very simple. You may do so on a computer and also on an Android or iOS device. You may choose from a wide range of colors for your document background with a few simple steps.

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