How To Make A Venn Diagram On Google Docs

Looking for a guide on how to make a Venn diagram on Google Docs? You’ve found it. A Venn diagram is a perceptible way of representing information. It is made up of overlapping circles, each of which represents a different group or category. More often than not, Venn diagrams are designed to display relationships between different items or objects. 

Creating a Venn diagram in Google Docs is quick and easy. Just open a new Google Doc, click on “Insert”, then “Drawing”. Then select “Venn diagram” from the drop-down menu. You can add as many overlapping circles as you need to your Venn diagram, and each circle can represent a different concept. To label the circles, just click on them and type in your text.

When you’re done, you can save your Venn diagram as an image or PDF file or share it with others by email or social media.

Reasons To Make A Venn Diagram

  • Creating a Venn diagram is an incredible way to visualize information. 
  • With different relationships used in both circles, it allows you to view more detailed information with a proper breakdown.
  • Venn diagrams are also helpful for brainstorming and problem-solving. 
  • You can use them to generate new ideas, or you can use them to find solutions to complex problems.

Whatever your reason for making a Venn diagram, Google Docs is a great way to do it.

What You Should Know About Creating A Venn Diagram On Google Docs

  • When you create a Venn diagram on Google Docs, you can add as many overlapping circles as you need. 
  • Each circle can represent a different concept, and you can label the circles with text.
  • Google Docs also provides you an excellent opportunity to share your work with other people. 
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How To Make A Venn Diagram On Google Docs

Step 1: 

Open Google Docs to log in and then the desired document.

Step 2: 

Click on the “Insert” menu and select “Drawing.”

Step 3:

A new window will open. In this window, click on the “Shapes” tool and select the “Circles” option.

Step 4: 

Draw two overlapping circles on the canvas.

Step 5: 

Give each circle a label. For example, you could label one circle “Dog owners” and the other circle “Cat owners.”

Step 6: 

Write the shared characteristics in the middle of the overlapping area. For example, “Both dog and cat owners love their pets.”

Step 7: 

Write the unique characteristics in the non-overlapping areas. For example, “Dog owners walk their dogs.” or “Cat owners feed their cats.”

That’s it! You’ve now created a Venn diagram on Google Docs.


Reading this article will enable you to learn how to make a Venn diagram easily. Simply follow the series of steps sequentially, and no one can stop you from having a quality learning time.

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