How To Unadd People On Snapchat Fast?

Removing people from your friend list on Snapchat is time-consuming, so you might ask, “how to unadd people on Snapchat fast?”. Removing a single person on Snapchat is easy. Still, the process becomes more complicated if you wish to remove several people simultaneously. 

So, how can you unadd people quickly? Login to your Snapchat account. Swipe right to open the Chat Screen. Click and hold on to the friends’ names you want to unadd. Next, tap on “Manage Friendship.” Lastly, tap on “Remove Friend.” By doing so, you can unadd any person from your friend list on Snapchat.  

How To Unadd People On Snapchat Fast

Here are the ways to unadd people on Snapchat

Method 1: Unadding People From The Friend List 

Follow the steps if you want to unadd a person also on your friend list. 

  • Login to your Snapchat account. 
  • At the top left-hand corner, tap on your profile icon “Bitmoji.” Scroll down and tap on “My Friend.” 
  • Then click on the search bar of “Find Friends.”
  • Enter the name of the friend you want to unadd.
  • Click on “Snapchat Username.” 
  • Tap on a specific friend’s profile on Bitmoji.
  • Then, select the three vertical dots menu.
  • Click the red “Remove Friend” option.

It will help you delete any person from your friend list. 

Method 2: Unadding People From Chat List 

Alternatively, if you’ve shared some chat history you no longer wish to add, you can also remove it. Here is how.

  • Go to the Snapchat app.
  • Tap on the Message icon.
  • Now, enter the person’s name into the Chats search bar.
  • Then open the chat.
  • Click on the person’s profile icon Bitmoji.
  • After it, tap on three vertical dot menu tabs.
  • Press the Red-colored “Remove Friend.”
  • Finally, Tap the “Remove” button.
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So, these are the simplest methods to unadd people from friend lists and chat lists. After it, they will not see your personal stories and snap. Blocking them is necessary if you want to stop them from sending snaps.


In short, you can’t unadd all people at once from Snapchat, but you can delete or block them by following the above methods. It will help you to hide your post from them. 

If you want to remove all people from Snapchat simultaneously, it is not possible. If you wish to remove everyone from Snapchat simultaneously, you do so only by deleting your Snapchat account. 

Thus, you will be able to unadd everyone quickly from your account. You can also log out and create a new account with no friends. Apart from that, there’s no other method to quickly remove all people from the account.

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